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  1. iDharma

    What is iPad ?

    I resemble that remark.
  2. iDharma

    For the older users out there....

    How did you score a free iPad?
  3. iDharma

    For the older users out there....

    At 36, I'm not as old as some other folks on the forum but older than others :D I use mine for surfing the web, Twitter, Facebook, reading news, magazines and eBooks, listening to music & watching videos, email, playing games (Plants vs Zombies and Words with Friends are my faves), and keeping...
  4. iDharma

    I'm sold on the magic of MobileMe!

    OK, so I needed to order some Chinese takeout from the new place down the street, but didn't have their phone number or name (Jade Garden? China Dragon? Jade Dragon? they all blur together). So I went into the Maps app, plugged in "Chinese" and it pulled it right up. Clicked on "Add to...
  5. iDharma

    Apple Case - Am I the only one?

    You put the iPad in the sink with soapy water? Oh no! :D Just kidding. I've found soap/water work quite nicely to de-schmutz my Apple case.
  6. iDharma

    iPad w/o computer?

    Agreed, spot-on.
  7. iDharma

    iPad w/o computer?

    No, you don't, but it's very very helpful. If you don't have a computer to sync with, your iPad will be an island: the only data that's on there is data you download directly onto it. The only apps you'll have are the ones you've bought from the App Store. Same thing for music/movies/video...
  8. iDharma

    How long does it take to back up your iPad?

    Seems like it takes FOREVER to back up my iPad when I sync mine. I mean forever: like 45 min. And I have a measly 16GB, of which about 2GB is free. Is it my computer? Or is this normal? Also, is there a way to tell iTunes NOT to back up my iPad when it syncs? I mean, it seems like backing...
  9. iDharma

    Double negation in English

    Hey, silly, I answered you. Go back to my original response to you. (Sheesh.)
  10. iDharma

    Anybody have one video that you'll never delete from your iPad?

    Yes, movies count! Movies, music videos, TV shows & other types of stored video Of course - movies count. I meant "video" in the broadest sense. I was thinking of what kind of non-music, non-App iPad content people have on their iPads that they keep on there 24/7/365.
  11. iDharma

    Anybody have one video that you'll never delete from your iPad?

    Yes, they do. Are they R-rated (or worse), LOL? :p
  12. iDharma

    Anybody have one video that you'll never delete from your iPad?

    I do. The Iron Maiden rockumentary/concert film Flight 666. Yes, I'm 36 years old, and yes, I've been listening to Maiden since I was 13. But I still love 'em! I love being able to catch a little Maiden in concert, on the fly, on my iPad :D Up the Irons! \m/
  13. iDharma

    Did you actually read the user guide/instructions when you got your iPad?

    I wonder how many folks did like I did. Within seconds of getting it home, I yanked it out of the box and ran to my home computer to get it synced up with iTunes. To this day, 2-3 months after getting it, still I haven't cracked open any of the documentation that came with it. Did any...
  14. iDharma

    iPad plastic bulge?

    Is that a bulge on your iPad or are you just happy to see me? J/K! I agree...get that fixed while you're under warranty. Faults like that tend to get worse over time (and exposure to various ambient conditions—moisture, heat, etc—which may aggravate the problem).
  15. iDharma

    Double negation in English

    Actually, the pronunciation used in North America today more closely resembles Elizabethan English than does Standard (British) English pronunciation. This is because the Great Vowel Shift resulted in dramatic changes in the way people in southern England speak. But we Yanks continue to let...
  16. iDharma

    Double negation in English

    LOL - The name of that classic Danish porridge ("rødgrød med fløde") sounds like the speaker has a big wad of it in their mouth when they're saying it. All of my attempts to learn some Danish have failed miserably. I enunciate too much to speak good dansk.
  17. iDharma

    Double negation in English

    My husband's family is from Denmark (Slagelse, in Sjelland). I am told that standard Danish and standard Swedish are close enough that Danes from Sjelland and Swedes from Malmö can understand each other. Which makes me think that Swedish and Danish are perhaps really dialects as opposed to...
  18. iDharma

    Double negation in English

    In formal English usage, the punctuation goes inside the quotation marks. Most periodicals, newspapers and books (all of which are, theoretically, edited by people versed in proper grammar) will use this manner of punctuation. Going back to the original query, many (if not most) languages have...
  19. iDharma

    Question about the ipad wall charger.

    From Apple's site: Q: Can I use this 10W adapter to charge my iPhone or iPod as well? A: Yes; the key to this charger is that it has a maximum "draw" of 10W (2A at 5VDC). Other devices still use the 5VDC supply, but draw at much lower amperages. This will not cause a problem for a device that...
  20. iDharma

    iPad in Use At Approximately 50 percent of Fortune 100 Companies

    Those figures sound dubious to me. I work for a Fortune 50 (fifty) company and only one person is issued an iPhone: the CEO (a privilege of rank, I suppose). I bet most of the iPads are being demo'd, not widely issued for use in the ordinary course. If that counts as being "used" by a big...
  21. iDharma

    Plants vs zombies

    I love PvZ too! I'm not a big gamer but PvZ is a heckuva lot of fun. On levels/minigames that I've gotten stuck on, I found there to be some good videos on Youtube (believe it or not) showing someone successfully beating various levels. I recommend looking there. Did you like the PvZ video...
  22. iDharma

    Do you wish you had purchased the 64gb?(32gb owners)

    Yes...I suppose if you burn through movies/TV shows quickly but sync up rarely, then you might find value in 64GB.
  23. iDharma

    Do you wish you had purchased the 64gb?(32gb owners)

    I also have a 16GB and it suits my needs just fine. I have 880 songs (many of them 6+ min progressive rock/metal "Stairway to Freebird" pieces) and one fulll-length (3 hour) concert film on mine and I've still got 2 GB free. I think 64GB is way, way more than most (~95% of) people will ever...
  24. iDharma

    Entertainment the Number One Reason To Own an iPad

    Outside of the entertainment realm (e.g. gaming, portable video, reading eBooks), the iPad is not the best-in-class device. If you want a workhorse device for heavy-duty computing or word-processing, a Mac or PC laptop is probably a better value. But if all you really want to use it for is the...
  25. iDharma

    iBook and Kindle Questions

    Has anyone noticed that the books purchased from the iBooks store seem to have more transcription/conversion errors (e.g. "Tex as" and "Fm" instead of "I'm" than books purchased through Kindle? It's not a fatal flaw but these little boo-boos get in the way of my enjoyment of the book/medium.
  26. iDharma

    I LOVE my ipad!!

    I second that!!!!
  27. iDharma

    OS 3.2.1 is out!!

    iPad software server keeps timing out. Darnit, people, I want to update my iPad!!!
  28. iDharma

    Emoji - dumb question

    Why does my iPhone 3G allow me to have an emoji-specific international (Japanese) keyboard with all the emojis, but the iPad seems to allow only the crummy emoji collection that requires me to type "emoji" and then scroll through a rather incomplete set of emojis? I love emojis but it's such a...
  29. iDharma

    Hotmail users: mBox Mail app in the works for iPad

    I use Hotmail, and for those of you who have a Hotmail account, you know that the native email application can pull messages from the Hotmail server but messages deleted on the iPad are not deleted from the Hotmail server. The iPhone app mBox Mail solves this problem by syncing with the Hotmail...
  30. iDharma

    Memory Leakage Problems for iPad Apps

    I think there's a good chance that the memory issues have nothing to do with jailbreaking. I have observed the same memory leakage issues with my non-jailbroken iPhone 3G and iPad. I use the app "Free Memory Lite" to free up some of that clogged memory without having to reboot. There used...
  31. iDharma

    How has your iPad changed the way you use your other devices?

    Laptop has become the stationary device used to sync up once a week. iPhone is now a portable device used to make phone calls, get directions via Google Maps and to do online tasks (email, Twitter, Faceboook, Words with Friends) when I don't have wifi and must rely on 3G.
  32. iDharma

    Access iPod app without going to home screen?

    Very useful feature. I use it all the time :-)
  33. iDharma

    incomplete app deletion

    Ahso... I have had the same experience, and now I understand why. Thanks, MT.
  34. iDharma

    Best Twitter Client

    I think you'll be happy with it. I'm curious to know what you think of it.
  35. iDharma

    Best Twitter Client

  36. iDharma

    Best Twitter Client

    I find TweetDeck visually impressive but very buggy. I keep checking the App Store to see if the developer has updated the app, but so far to no avail. I know a lot of other folks on Twitter (not users of this forum) who have dumped TweetDeck due to stability and usabiility issues.
  37. iDharma

    Anyone order and received an iPad from recently?

    My experience a couple of months back was that it actually took 7 business days to ship. Once it shipped (from Shenzhen, China), I had it in 3 days.
  38. iDharma

    Best Twitter Client

    I am a pretty active Twitter user (over 12,000 tweets) and I use Osfoora HD. I think it has the slickest interface, allows both styles of retweet, has both dark and light themes and scalable fonts, has a user view that lets you see whether the user follows you back, and when held in portrait...
  39. iDharma

    Second Gen iPad this year

    I would consider a 5.6" or 7" display to be a significant step down in iPad space. The display is the foundation from which all the rest of the iPad's niftyness arises.
  40. iDharma

    I Freaking HATE the iPod app on the iPad with a PASSION!!

    So true! It'd be an improvement if they just changed the color, LOL. I dislike orange.