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  1. theipadstudent

    ? About ebook readers

    I understand your counter-points, but my original posting was referring to the actual books offered by iBooks and Kindle and reading those books on different devices. iBooks uses it's own DRM'd .ePub books, and when bought through iBooks you can only use them on up to 5 Apple-approved devices...
  2. theipadstudent

    Dropbox clarification questions

    Because of iOS's app sandboxing approach, it wont be as easy as finishing documents in Pages and then opening that same document in GoodReader immediately. Goodreader doesn't have direct access to Pages files and vice versa. The method I use seems kind of archaic, but it gets me out of a bind...
  3. theipadstudent

    ? About ebook readers

    Another bonus that Kindle has over the iBooks app is wider number of devices you can read Kindle books on. Anything that has a kindle reader for it you can read your books on - iPad, iPhone, blackberry, PC, Mac, Kindle, etc.
  4. theipadstudent

    Writing notes on a PDF file

    Ahh this I did not know. Thanks for telling me.
  5. theipadstudent

    Ipad for school, Excel etc

    You can use your Apple ID to sign up to Apple's beta and "transfer" your power points through that. It's really quick and easy to sign up for. You just need to verify your Apple ID login and email address tied to it and you'll get 1GB of online storage to share your documents through...
  6. theipadstudent

    iPad charger verses iPhone charger

    The iphone charges off of 5V, 1Amp while the iPad charges off of 5V, 2Amp. I've heard mixed theories as to whether charge the iPhone with the iPad charger or vice versa would damage either device or not. One thing is for certain, though, is that if you charge the iPad using the iPhone charger...
  7. theipadstudent

    Ipad for school, Excel etc

    I agree with peled's advice of going to an Apple store to play with it before you make your final decision to get an iPad. They should have the whole iWork suite installed on all their iPads so you can try them out to your heart's content. Keynote and Numbers received updates in the past months...
  8. theipadstudent

    Writing notes on a PDF file

    iAnnotate does exactly what you're looking to do. It's $9.99 in the app store, however. You could also give GoodReader a try at the lighter price tag of $2.99 which pretty much can do the same thing.
  9. theipadstudent

    iPad really needs .... a max, min, close buttons

    I don't really understand what all the fuss is about, really. The iPad essentially already minimizes/maximizes apps when you double click the home button and choose another app you were previously using in the bottom apps tray. When reading email and you come across a link, the iPad takes you...
  10. theipadstudent

    Thinking about buying an Ipad....why do I/don't I need a USB port???

    I guess the question is what do you do through a USB port that you would want to do through the iPad? Since the USB is a Universal Serial Bus, the devices/uses for a standard computer with USB ports can be quite broad. However, there are so many apps available for the iPad that can do such a...
  11. theipadstudent

    iPad really needs .... a max, min, close buttons

    I'm not sure how dedicated maximize/minimize buttons would work in the iOS, plus Apple's vigilante-like attitude towards buttons in general can pretty much guarantee they'll want to keep the number of "ugly" buttons on their devices kept to a minimum. And yes, iOS doesn't have true...
  12. theipadstudent

    Best apps for working with PDF, Excel and Word files?

    For PDF viewing and marking up of PDF files (writing notes onto a PDF file, for example), Good Reader is the clear choice. I use a combination of Pages and Quick Office HD for excel, doc, and ppt file viewing/editing. When writing essays, articles, etc. I like the feel and flow of Pages over...
  13. theipadstudent

    Verizon dropping Unlimited data

    I'm not sure where in any part of the rumor you're getting the notion that 3G data rates will stay unlimited, but Verizon's LTE 4G network is still in the fairly young stages to continue to offer unlimited data rates for the multitude of Android phones on their network. The Droid 2 is apparently...
  14. theipadstudent

    Apple is working on the iPad Mini ?

    Sony may make smaller Playstations, but the controller and TV that you play it on are the same size. Sony is changing the form factor of their main gaming product, not a third separate gaming machine that's bigger than a PSP but smaller than a Playstation 3.
  15. theipadstudent

    Apple is working on the iPad Mini ?

    Apple stated in their original iPad keynote that Apple wanted to make a device that's more portable/functional than a netbook, bigger and more powerful than a smartphone, but not as complicated or built for heavy computing like a desktop or laptop. Apple wanted to make a third partition in the...
  16. theipadstudent

    Is There A Way... Browser Question...

    I'm slightly annoyed by it as well, but as i can see as of right now there doesn't seem to be any setting to disable this automatic page refresh. I do find that unless you stay out of safari for a long time (5-10 minutes maybe) or keep the iPad locked for that long, the current page that safari...
  17. theipadstudent

    Will iPad Fail in School?

    Ahh thanks for the clarification. I see exactly where you're coming from now.
  18. theipadstudent

    Will iPad Fail in School?

    It was never stated that the iPad is the be-all end-all solution to everything. I am curious that once slate-type or ultramobile computers make their way into the school systems (I firmly believe they will, it's just a matter of time), will it become a necessity for a remote monitoring program...
  19. theipadstudent

    They Should Make...

    That type of iPod/music control will come with iOS4 and multitasking. Just double tap on the home button, the multitask bar will pop up, and swipe right to reveal basic audio controls for your iPod.
  20. theipadstudent

    Converted DVDs?

    I believe you won't have a problem putting your converted DVDs for your iPhone onto your iPad. You may need to reconvert your movies to a higher resolution in order for them to look good on the iPad, however. I use Handbrake to convert movies for my iPad and found that the "Apple - universal"...
  21. theipadstudent

    Will iPad Fail in School?

    I came across this article in BusinessWeek the other day: Will iPad Fail in School? - BusinessWeek To summarize, a high school in Michigan is playing around with the idea of using the iPad as a learning aid for their students. One problem the teachers see with the device: the lack of a...
  22. theipadstudent

    Onscreen Keyboard Request

    I think it would be easy for Apple to add the number keys to the keyboard when holding the iPad in portrait mode, since the keyboard takes up what looks like a little less than 1/3 of the screen real estate and another row of keys would probably not be all that intrusive on seeing what you type...
  23. theipadstudent

    Pen Ultimate Update Released!

    I use PenUltimate to take notes for some math classes, but i haven't gotten around to making my own stylus so I hold my index finger as I would a pencil and use that for writing. I'm a lefty as well and needed to train myself to not have my wrist rest on the screen as I wrote. I haven't tested...
  24. theipadstudent

    To All Those Accusing Me Of Being A Troll, And Future Ipad!

    For one: Apple will NEVER make an iPad with a removable battery. We're in the 4th iteration of the iPhone and there's still no removable battery. The first iPod didn't even have a removable battery, so it seems Apple is doing away with removable batteries for mobile devices altogether. Also...
  25. theipadstudent

    Does The Virtual Keyboard Do The Job...?

    The onscreen keyboard takes a while to get used to, but I found that I've been able to type out some-what lengthy documents (2-3 pages at a time sometimes). Of course, I haven't been able to buy a bluetooth keyboard yet so I'm not yet jaded by using a physical keyboard with my iPad.
  26. theipadstudent

    Do you turn off your ipad?

    The only time I turn off my iPad (or iPhone) is when I do a reboot when the device starts acting screwy, which is very few and far between. Other than that it's mostly in standby.
  27. theipadstudent

    Would you do your on line banking on iPad?

    There's a difference between having a secure connection to a website through an SSL connection and having a secure wifi network, so I don't mean to have any confusion when I talk about the two. A wifi connection can be secured through encryption such as WEP, WPA, or WPA2. To see if your home...
  28. theipadstudent

    Would you do your on line banking on iPad?

    I definitely do my banking on my iPad - even online bill pay on both secured and unsecured wifi networks. It's the same internet whether you're on an iPad of laptop, but the difference is that there are no key logging programs that can run in the background on the iPad like on a laptop or other...
  29. theipadstudent

    Early Edition or Reeder?

    I use Early Edition and have never looked back. It turns my RSS feeds into an e-newspaper that's completely customizable to what I want to read (and has the pictures to boot!). If you spend $15 on a monthly, real newspaper subscription, then Early Edition looks even better to buy. Another thing...
  30. theipadstudent

    Airport Screening

    I've had to do a lot of flying because of my summer job, but never once had problems with getting the iPad through security. Even though the TSA requires me to take out my laptop, my iPad can stay in the bag and all is well.
  31. theipadstudent

    How to copy DVD (movies) to iPad?

    Handbrake is what I use. Windows or Mac, it's great for ripping DVDs straight to iPod/iPhone/iPad and it's free. There is no "iPad" preset in the application out of the box, but I find that the "Apple - Universal" in Handbrake preset works just fine for converting movies and other videos to the...
  32. theipadstudent

    Is there really that much benefit for waiting for 2g?

    I found myself asking the same question, but decided on this middle ground: I bought the lowest end iPad (wifi only, 16gig model) and when generation 2 comes around then I'll get the high-end model with all the bells and whistles that come with it. If you're on the edge of getting the iPad (but...
  33. theipadstudent

    Password on the lock screen

    You can enable a PIN-code lock on the lockscreen from your Settings>General>Passcode Lock and turning it to "On". This is just a 4-number passcode that you can set and ask the iPad to reprompt after your iPad has been locked for a certain amount of time (or have it ask for the passcode after you...