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  1. buerkletucson

    moving ipad to new user

    Direct from Apple.......
  2. buerkletucson

    Thinking of switching to iPad air 2?

    I was debating and was going to go with the Mini from an iPad 4..... After trying it for a long time at the Apple store I decided to go with the Air 2. Just seems like I always had to enlarge the screen to see/do what I wanted. The Air 2 is thinner/smaller than the iPad 4 and seems much more...
  3. buerkletucson

    Zagg glass invisible shield help

    I paid to have them install my ZAGG Glass screen protector........... Costs a tad more but then I'm covered...they mess it up, they install a new one for free. Installation also warrantied. I love this Glass screen protector.......looks sweet and has a much better feel than the naked screen IMHO.
  4. buerkletucson

    Case or keyboard case for your ipad air 2

    I went with the simple Smartcase for my Air 2. Had a ZAGG keyboard/case for my iPad 4 but it made the whole package so bulky. The Air 2 is so thin and sleek that I wanted to preserve that. The Smartcase for the Air 2 is much nicer than what they had for the iPad 4...........higher end...
  5. buerkletucson

    Who's planning on buying the iPad Air2?

    I just got my iPad Air 2 on Saturday Dec 20..............made the jump to the 128GB model so hopefully I can keep this one for a few years. I'm loving it.......size, features, and speed are awesome compared to my iPad 4. I'm going with a simple Smartcase to keep the small form factor.......had...
  6. buerkletucson

    Looking for silicone Skin for my Air 2 that works with Apple smart cover?

    Haven't seen one yet. FYI.... The Smartcover & Smartcase for the iPad Air 2 are much nicer than for the iPad 4 IMHO. I just got the case and like it a lot....higher end material and feels better. Fits like a glove and I don't feel like it's in the way at all. Keeps the nice small/thin...
  7. buerkletucson

    Tim Cook “Deeply Offended” by BBC Expose of Conditions in Apple’s Factories

    Yea and the next iPad would cost +$1K range. Like it or not that's the way society is now days.....very stiff competition and the need to find the most cost effect way of producing product. Most American companies are doing it to part or all of their manufacturing. Would you work for...
  8. buerkletucson

    IPad 4 won't turn on!

    Mine has done the same a couple of times..... A hard reset as mentioned takes care of the issue. Geez, you'd think it was a Microsoft product or something. :eek:
  9. buerkletucson

    iPad Retina Camera

    If the retina Mini can take as good of pictures as the iPad 4 I'm a very happy camper and will purchase one for my wife. I find it very capable of taking exceptional pictures with great clarity and color detail. She's not a professional photographer nor does she need a 20MP camera........she...
  10. buerkletucson

    iPad Retina Camera

    Can anyone that owns the new retina mini tell me how good the camera is for taking photos? Not specs.....I mean in actual usage. I have an iPad 4 retina and love the camera......awesome picture quality (see example below). My wife takes a lot of pictures and uses them on the iPad but would...
  11. buerkletucson

    iPad Mini Retina Shipping Tread

    I bet those guys along the delivery route had a weeks worth of fun playing with it. :D Kind of like the Postal service reading my magazines before me.
  12. buerkletucson

    Upgrading To Ipad Air

    Maybe you can swing by White Bear Lake and let me give it a try. :D Enjoy! That's a great deal Target is doing......if you have an old iPad.
  13. buerkletucson

    Apple iPad Air Screen Protector: Is it Necessary?

    If you purchase a screen protector your doing it for the next owner, not yourself. Not as sensitive, not the same feel, and unnecessary IMHO. Use a good case/cover when not in use and you'll be just fine with normal care. The screen on my iPad4 is like brand new. Go naked and enjoy! :D
  14. buerkletucson

    I bought a second hand ipad4, it keeps asking for iCloud password for old user!

    While I have no reason to doubt your story................and while I sypathize with you if all that is said is 100% true, you need to look at the whole picture........ The simple fact the "previous owner" is not cooperating is suspicious at best. Who says this unit is not stolen? Just because...
  15. buerkletucson

    I bought a second hand ipad4, it keeps asking for iCloud password for old user!

    Just wondering outloud..... Why would anyone that sold a device not cooperate and help with a simple 1 minute task of logging into his account and disabling this, so the new owner can use it? Is the seller just a jerk or is there more to this story than we are hearing??? Good luck nonetheless....
  16. buerkletucson

    Apple Trade-in of iPad4

    Want to sell mine? :eek: You either got very lucky or you have a hot local market for the iPad4 WiFi... I've been watching different classifieds and also eBay..........for a used iPad4 WiFi 64GB, about $400 seems like the top price. You might get $500 for a brand new unit but not used. That's...
  17. buerkletucson

    Apple Trade-in of iPad4

    Anyone try doing this? How long does it take?
  18. buerkletucson

    I bought a second hand ipad4, it keeps asking for iCloud password for old user!

    This thread is awesome advice for anyone contemplating selling their iPad or other Apple device. Thanks for the heads up everyone!:thumbs:
  19. buerkletucson

    Apple Trade-in of iPad4

    For giggles I checked what Apple would give me for my iPad4 64GB WiFi iPad to use as trade for an iPad Air. I was sort of surprised I could get $341.00. It's worth more than that to me but at least they don't come along with a real low-ball price. Apple - Computer Reuse and Recycling -...
  20. buerkletucson

    iPad Air

    Just looking is as good as handing over the credit card to purchase. Have fun! :D
  21. buerkletucson

    Release dates of other Air models?

    All AIR models are released on Nov 1.
  22. buerkletucson

    Who's getting an iPad Air?

    I'd have to come up with at least $250 in addition to selling my iPad 4 64GB just to purchase the Air. That's just to much money to fork over in less than 1-year since I bought my iPad 4. Apple won't get any money from me this time around.
  23. buerkletucson

    Pricing of Ipad 4

    Did you read the OP's question?
  24. buerkletucson

    Pricing of Ipad 4

    I've been doing the same with my iPad 4 - 64GB WiFi only. If I could get enough for it then I would upgrade to the Air. Watching Ebay, some have been going for the $450 - $500 range.... I'd have to come up with an additional $250 just to get the Air in the same 64GB size ($699.00). That's...
  25. buerkletucson

    Who's getting an iPad Air?

    It's good for your mental health...........all the justification you need. :thumbs: much you think I can get for my 64GB iPad4? I work to live......not live to work.
  26. buerkletucson

    WoW....You guys are fast!

    Maybe even back to the paper tape or punch card era. :D
  27. buerkletucson

    What will happen?

    They will continue to make the iPad2... Mini/Mini with retina/iPad 2/iPad Air
  28. buerkletucson

    WoW....You guys are fast!

    :thumbs: Looks to like it. Who's upgrading to the new iPad Air? I'll be sticking with my iPad 4.
  29. buerkletucson


    Here's how it looks in my iPad on ios7...
  30. buerkletucson

    Screan flipping

    All is well here....
  31. buerkletucson

    I am a newbie with an ipad mini with retina display

    Sorry to break the news to you..... You don't have a retina display on your iPad mini.....they don't exist, at least not yet. As of Oct 15 2013 it's rumored the retina display will be out for the mini. I believe if you deselect these photos in iTunes and then re-sync you'll be set.
  32. buerkletucson

    Any good Ipad 4 keyboards?

    I can go at least 2-months on my Zagg Folio Bluetooth keyboard/case before a charge is needed....... Awesome battery life! No need for what the op is asking for IMHO.
  33. buerkletucson

    Ios 7

    So, will IOS 7 be available for the iPad 4? Apple's website seems to cater to the iPhone and makes no mention of the iPad that I saw. Thanks...
  34. buerkletucson

    Apple TV

    Do a Google search and you'll find more than you care to read...... For the price it's well worth it IMHO.......very nice addition to the iPad and has a lot of entertainment value. Plus it just plain messing around.
  35. buerkletucson

    Automatic App Switching...

    Is there a quick way to switch back to a previous app.? Here's an example.... On Safari surfing and click on a link that takes me directly to a YouTube video (iPad opens YouTube app). I watch the video but now want to go back to where I came from..... I have to hit home button then click on...
  36. buerkletucson

    Internet Usage

    Agree with scifan.... I have Verizon and I can see my usage online and also set "alarms" at various thresholds to show if I'm getting close to my limit. It will then email me status.....nice!
  37. buerkletucson

    Moving pictures from my computer to my IPad

    You can use Dropbox.........drag what ever pictures you want into the Dropbox folder and you have "immediate" access to them on your iPad.
  38. buerkletucson

    Ipad4 connection to TV can mirror whatever your doing on your iPad to your TV. The extras in Apple TV are pretty cool also....
  39. buerkletucson

    Ipad4 connection to TV

    I 2nd Gabriel's post............Apple TV is the way to go. Flawless operation.