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    where do rented movie downloads go on ipad?

    If you are referring to; where they go after the rental period is complete. They go to the same place that deleted apps go to. They are removed from the front end, but the files are actually still in your memory until they are over written by new material. IE that memory is made available as...
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    any suggestion on an anti glare screen protector?

    I love my Power Support anti-glare!
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    Will You Sell The iPad If..

    I wont be selling mine. I just pass last years version off to my wife when I get the new version. That is if I can get her to hold out that long.
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    I used a program call backgrounder on my jailbreak iPad to run it in the background. I believe the new version that you are referring to runs in the background on iOS4.1 for the iPhone.
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    I Bet You Never Thought Of This (69 Cent iPad Stand)

    I was not meaning to be rude. I just thought it was funny. I'm Sorry. I bought a metal business card holder ($1.80) from Staples and bent it slightly so it would better support the iPad. After I got it just right I dipped it in black plastic dip to add some cushion and scratch protection...
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    I Bet You Never Thought Of This (69 Cent iPad Stand)

    Wow are you late to the party or what?
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    Skype works great without a headset on the iPad. I was able to use Skye on my iPad during my last trip to Canada for very little cost. I purchased a local area code phone number from for around $18 for three months then just had my wife call me. While running backgrounder I was...
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    New power supply

    The problem is the iPads charging port keeps the iPad in portrait mode.
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    Apple Magic Trackpad

    Yeah but that just wouldn't be as clean and cool!
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    Apple Magic Trackpad

    I dont have a VGA cable that will stretch to my couch while I am watching a movie on the big screen. For instance I used the iPad to show a movie on the 55" tv this weekend.
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    Apple Magic Trackpad

    just a thought. I would personally like to use it while the iPad is connected to my tv for your normal video controls. Or I would use it while my iPad is in my swing arm mount on my desk.
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    iOS 4.1 in beta

    I think Apple will announce the release of iOS4.1 for iPad during their Sept. 7th iPod press conference. No sources, just my opinion.
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    Apple Magic Trackpad

    Do you guys think the new Apple Magic Trackpad will work with the iPad in the future? Maybe some will make it work after a jailbreak. Magic Trackpad - Apple Store (U.S.)
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    Second Gen iPad this year

    Maybe what ever evidence they found is for the new iPod Touch?
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    Do YOU think this is true?

    absolutely, there is overwhelming evidence that the iPhone has some serious bugs and that evidence is being examined by every expert the media outlets can hire.
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    Step-by-Step Guide to Playing SNES Games on Your iPad

    I cant figure out the ssh to ipad.
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    iPad extension cord

    I believe has what you are looking for.
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    How Many Of You Use MIFI w/ Your ipad 3G?

    I use my Droid to tether my iPad every day. It does not require that your iPad be jailbroken but does require that your android phone be rooted. The app on the android market place is called wireless tether for root users and I think it is free. Android 2.2 will include Tethering but nobody...
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    MacBook Pro and iPad

    I am looking at the 13.3" MacBook Pro mostly for the higher processing power and upgrades over the MacBook. To be honest most of my reasoning is superficial and has to do with my geekeyness.
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    iPad as a Tool for Pro Photographers

    I have tried to use the iPad for on the fly editing and have been let down by the apps that are available. Just about every app I have downloaded crashes at some point during an edit. Having an app that would allow me to keep my iPad connected so I can use it as a review screen while shooting...
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    MacBook Pro and iPad

    Sounds like I may get a little extra functionality out of the iPad but not enough to push my decision about buying the MacBook Pro or not. Are there any draw backs to using Boot Camp and Running Windows on a Mac? I love the idea of having one laptop with the best of both worlds. I would use...
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    MacBook Pro and iPad

    My service plan ran out in March. This was the only parts issue my XPS1210 ever had.
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    MacBook Pro and iPad

    I recently suffered a catastrophic loss of the graphics card on my Dell XPS laptop and I am thinking about purchasing a new MacBook Pro 13.3" 2.66ghz. I would use Boot Camp to dual boot my copy of Windows 7 ultimate and OSx. My question is are there any advantages using a Mac with the iPad...
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    iPad as a Reading Material.... in the Bathroom!

    I'm thinking of buying a 16gb just for the throne!
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    since getting the ipad how much stuff have you gotten rid of

    Trying to sell my Asus Eee PC 1002HA on Craigslists but the only responses I get are scamers.
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    Sorry Boys! Sorry boys but I think you need to take a look at the real SS/RS. This is my 69 next to my father in laws 560. Sorry for the pic quality its the only one I have on my phone.
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    Infrared remote control

    When Logitech and Google release there Google TV box you will be able to use the iPad as a Harmony remote!
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    verizon motorola droid and ipad

    I just spent half an hour explaining how to root and use Wireless Tether to a Best Buy sales associate so he could connect to his WiFi iPad!
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    verizon motorola droid and ipad

    I believe that would be a downgrade!
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    iPad and facebook

    I currently have a shortcut icon on my home page that opens up safari and logs me into facebook. I may be wrong but I believe that apple is integrating Facebook into iPhone 4.0. I would think that is the reason there is no official app. I also remember that the Facebook Dev that created the...
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    Carbon Fiber plz

    That would be awesome!
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    Thoughts on the iPad - Three Weeks Later

    Nice post, I could not agree with you more about MS office support. If MS would create a fully functioning version of Office Pro for the iPad I would pay just about any price. Adding Office would really make the iPad an unbeatable device.(If it's not already) If I had a full copy of MS Word...
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    GQ Sells Just 365 iPad Apps of Men of the Year Issue

    Just to clarify my comments are referring to all periodical sales on the iPad and not GQ.
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    CNN Video Piece - Apple Rejects Cash For iPad

    I'm sure Obama has some sort of "I don't have a bank account and can only pay cash for my iPad" Government assistance internet program.
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    Apple Refuses Cash Payment for iPad

    Its actually a business practice that takes a lot of risk out of the retail business. This means there is no danger of accepting counterfeit bills, employee theft, employee mistakes, and no trips to a bank to make a deposit late at night.
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    Apple Refuses Cash Payment for iPad

    I don't think its that big of a deal. If the lady doesn't have a credit card or debit card she can open up a free account at her local bank and get a Debit card. Or she could go to the nearest Wal Mart or drugstore and buy a Visa or AMEX gift card to use.
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    GQ Sells Just 365 iPad Apps of Men of the Year Issue

    Maybe if they would get with the program and offer a yearly subscription for the same price as the magazine subscription they could make some money. I for one will not buy any magazine on the iPad that cost more than it does at the yearly subscription price. He said it himself, it doesn't cost...
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    My perfect iPad. What would you change?

    Forward facing Web cam 320 GB Storage capacity Full iTunes with the ability to sync with iPods. Powered USB Port with no restrictions SDXC Card reader Cheaper Price Points Unlimited 3G Data Plans
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    Power Cord for iPad Charger?

    Glad I could help. Hopefully that will save you some cash too.
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    Power Cord for iPad Charger?

    Why don't you just get a 6ft extension cord? You could leave it plugged in behind your desk.