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    Which iPad should buy?

    I would suggest either the Air or the mini with retina as these two have the newest processors. I would get a cellular version only if you can't tether from your phone. The amount of space is up to you. From now on I'm only buying 128GB versions. My first was a 32GB iPad 1. I never came close...
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    Any way to verify my new iPad mini/retina has the retina display?

    It also says right on the back of the box.
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    Are chargers interchangeable?

    Thank you. That's what I've read. Is there a way to find out what a particular iDevice's cap is? I'm very interested to find out but never saw these caps listed anywhere.
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    Are chargers interchangeable?

    Will a 12watt charger charge an iPhone 5 faster than a 10watt charger?
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    Are chargers interchangeable?

    It's obvious that of you use a 2.5watt charger to try to charge a mini with retina it will charge a lot slower than with the 10watt charger it came with. However, I have always heard that a particular device will not pull more watts than it needs. For example, I'm not so sure a 10watt charger...
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    New iPad mini!

    Believe it or not this is what I'm going to use. It's made by Poetic and sold on Amazon for only 10$. My 5 year old son has one on his mini and it's been dropped on the concrete a couple of times with zero damage to the mini. My daughter wants a purple case so I got her this one. I really...
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    New iPad mini!

    It's been a while since I've bought one. My daughter turns 3 this weekend. She's been asking for a mini for a few months. She currently has an iPad 1st gen. My son has a mini and she prefers to use it. The iPad is pretty big for her. So our 3 year old now owns the nicest iDevice in the...
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    When buying an HD movie do you also have access to SD version?

    So let's say I already own the HD version of a movie. How can I put the SD version on say my iPod nano? Only the HD version is appearing in my iTunes.
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    When buying an HD movie do you also have access to SD version?

    When I buy a movie on iTunes I always select the high def version. But for some of my old devices limited on space I'd prefer the SD versions. Do I have access to both?
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    Transferring acct

    When you delete an app it asks if you'd also like to delete Game Center data for it. So go ahead and delete the app and then when it asks you if you also want to delete Game Center data just click no.
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    Went to the Apple store this morning

    Ya 16Gb won't be enough. Right now I'm considering a refurbished 32Gb mini for $339 vs a new one with retina for $499. So $160 price difference.
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    Went to the Apple store this morning

    Interesting. I also probably know more than the guys at the store but it's still good to know that they offer them. My daughter is turning three next month and she wants a mini. I can't decide which one to get. Not having retina doesn't bother me at all. I think the non retina display looks...
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    Went to the Apple store this morning

    I didn't know they offered workshops at the Apple store. Did it cost money? Also what mini do you have? I'm thinking about picking up a new one.
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    Os X Mavericks on my iPad 3...

    Ya, I saw the app advertised on a Yahoo article the other day and thought I'd try it. I soon realized that it really wasn't good for too much. So the best thing I could think of was this thread :D Use for an extended screen doesn't really help me that much. But to be able to browse iMac...
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    Os X Mavericks on my iPad 3...

    Ding ding ding, winner! This is what I'm doing. It's an app called Air Display 2 and it's pretty cool. Super easy to use and works on one iMac and up to 4 iDevices. I can sit on my coach and browse my iMac. Open word and excel docs. Or if I lay everything out together make a big giant screen.
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    Os X Mavericks on my iPad 3...

    Here's a photo. I have all three devices connected to each other. I'm controlling the cursor with a mouse.
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    Os X Mavericks on my iPad 3...

    Here's another hint. I will say that none of these devices are JB. They are an iPad 3, 5th gen touch, and 1st gen mini. EDITED
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    Os X Mavericks on my iPad 3...

    Bored tonight and was messing around. I wanted to see how smoothly OS X Mavericks would run on my iPad 3. It worked pretty good. I took a not so great video with my iPhone but you can get the jest of it. You don't need to use the mouse for anything if you don't want to. But it is extremely...
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    I think a 128Gb might be next...

    So my first iPad 1 was a 32Gb. I never put more than 10Gb on it. So when I bought my iPad 3 I opted for 16Gb. It's worked out fine. Only this is what really happened... I gave my iPad 1 to my son who was 2 or 3 at the time. He put a ton of movies and games on it and filled it up. He wanted a...
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    Will the lightning connector ever be supported ?

    Th real problem is because of all the different size cases it's impossible for a dock manufacturer to make something that will work for the many. Put a case on your iDevice and there goes the dock.
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    Need help JB'ing an iPad 1 on 5.1.1

    Thank you so much for the quick reply. I assume these are untethered jailbreaks right?
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    Need help JB'ing an iPad 1 on 5.1.1

    If someone would be so kind would you please direct me to where I can find out how to JB my iPad I on 5.1.1. I have experience JB iPhones. Just have never done an iPad. I assume it's safe, that is I can do a restore if I need to??? Thanks.
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    Do you still have your (grandfathered) AT&T Unlimited Data Plan?

    We have a couple laying around. I called AT&T a few weeks ago and they told me if I buy a new iPad with AT&T I can transfer my unlimited plan to it. I spoke to two different people because I thought they wouldn't allow it. Does that sound right? Also I had no idea you could sell a plan to...
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    Apple iPad Air Screen Protector: Is it Necessary?

    Anything less than the actual iPad glass is taking away from the experience. Who cares if after years of use a couple scratches show up? And who cares that after a couple years you can get top dollar for it, you experienced an inferior product all those years. IMO iPads should never be sold...
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    The Apple Store is down.......

    I can't find anything on their site yet. Anyone have a link?
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    The Apple Store is down.......

    What's the best way to view the keynote today?
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    Verizon wifi + Apple TV questions...

    I just realized it won't work exactly like I want it to. Everything will work except I won't be able to use my iPhones unlimited data plan because in order to connect to the appleTv I will need to have my iPhone on wifi therefore won't be able to use its LTE. I believe it will be using the...
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    Verizon wifi + Apple TV questions...

    Here's the situation. I'm going on vacation and want to hook up my appleTv in our motor home. It requires a wifi source. I can't create a hotspot with my iPhone because I just updated to ios7 and lost my jailbreak. Will this work? Order one month of data on my iPad 3 from Verizon Turn iPad...
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    Refurbished ipad questions

    Yes. I have bought many iDevices reburbished. They do replace the battery and change the outer shell. So the device appears brand new. IMO it's a great way to save a couple bucks. Just last Sunday I ordered an iPod Touch 5thgen refurbished. It shipped from China and was at my house by...
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    128Gb iPad 4

    I just realized Apple released a 128Gb model. I was surprised they did this. Does anyone know if there was an official announcement or did they just slip it into the store?
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    Just solved my charging problem...

    I have a charging shelf on my wall unit. I keep three charging cords plugged in it all times. Two 5watt chargers (one with an old cable and one with the new lightning one). And one 10watt with an old cable on it. Most of us are familiar with the little cube like 5W chargers and the larger 10W...
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    I just found the app. I put my info in and it doesn't seem to recognize me as a Prime member. Weird. Maybe I'll email them. Do they have an airplay option? Or any way to access them on my Apple TV?
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    I'm a Prime member. Is there an app or something?
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    Is the AppleCare a waste of money?

    I love AppleCare+. Will buy it on every purchase I make from now on. It's way worth it to me because I don't have to worry about how I'm treating my phone. No case, it's all good...Drop it, replace it...
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    iPad 2 or Mini?

    I can tell you that my son has both and far prefers the mini. He's 4 years old.
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    playing psx/nes and other older consol games

    Nintendo is not letting any of their classic franchise games to be released on the iPad or iPhone. The only way to play these old games is to jailbreak your iPad and then download emulators.
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    How Long Do I Have?

    Is it possible to earn enough money to get a new one?