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  1. J

    Password on the lock screen

    Is there away to require a password from lock screen on the iPad? I have this option on work blackberry.:) Joe
  2. J

    Wireless Bluetooth headsets with the Ipad?

    motorola headset I've tried two motorola Bluetooth headsets and the iPad can not discover them. Also tried one Jabra and it also did not work. Both are about 2 years old. Could there be a problem with the iPad. My Bluetooth keyboard works great. Joe
  3. J

    Best Text Message App for the iPad

    What the best app for sending text message to any phone? I'm using Skype to place phone calls.. Joe:)
  4. J

    Best Remote Desktop App

    Thanks.. I've been looking at iTeleporter and will most likely get it today. :D Just got the app and it was pretty easy to setup on my iMac. The Control will take sometime to get use to. it looks like it will meet all of my needs on the iMac. I'm now working with it on my Vista Machine(Not...
  5. J

    Best Remote Desktop App

    I'm looking for a remote desktop app that will access my iMac, PC and Mac Pro server. Big on Easy of Use!! Currently run Chicken in VNC to connect from my iMac to the Mac Pro. Used logmein before for PC to PC, but do not want to pay a Yearly fee.. :D
  6. J

    DVD to iPad

    What the best way to get my DVD to my iPad? I get the digital copy now with most of my Blueray. But I have a lot of old DVD I need to load..:ipad-peacock:
  7. J

    It is Truly Amazing

    Video: Netflix works great and picture is amazing. ABC video works great, Watch a few minutes of Modern Family(iPad). Star Trek was great too! Bluetooth. Hooked up my old iMac keyboard with no problem. Pandora internet radio works great. My Cox email worked great, but having a problem...
  8. J

    Wireless Keyboard

    I have an old Wireless keyboard from my 2 years old iMac. Will this work with the iPad?:D
  9. J

    Official iPad Pre-order List

    I pre-ordered on Friday afternoon. 16gb + wi-fi only Going to use the Verizon MiFiâ„¢ 2200
  10. J

    what happened to reservations

    I just pre-ordered mine at the Phoenix AZ store with no problem...
  11. J

    Using the iPad to Update Web site

    iPad simulator Where Can you see the iPad simulator? The site is ASPTEA Home page. I'll try it on my iTouch..:o
  12. J

    PC vs Mac

    I have iMac 20 inch and a second Screen hooked in and a HP Media Center PC on my main desk. I have a network using the airport with 5 other PC and a Laptop. I'm admin of an office with Mac Pro server(mail and Database) With Two Mac Mini a 24 inch iMac and a MacBook Pro and Three PC's. Right...
  13. J

    Using the iPad to Update Web site

    I currently have a Web site I can update through the Web Browser. Currently using Safari and Fire Fox on my iMac. The web application that update the Web is DotNetNuke. Will the iPad allow me to update the site using the iPad Browser?:confused: Joe