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  1. Robertt

    Ipad as a tool for those with learning disabilities.

    I'd say the iPad (or similar device) has great potential in education. The biggest problem at the moment is the quality of the apps. I frequently look through the programs in the Education category in the appstore. From what I've seen the vast majority are crappy, thrown-together pieces of...
  2. Robertt

    Finding My Car

    After all the hassles involved with misplacing my car in a huge parking lot last week, it occured to me that I could enlist my iPhone (or iPad) to solve the problem in the future. When I get my car parked, I click on the Maps app and drop a pin. Works like a champ and now I don't lose my car...
  3. Robertt

    iPad App Store dsiplay is messed up

    I wish the appstore had better filtering. Filtering by language would be a good start. I really don't have much interest in seeing Arabic language apps. And another thing that really galls me. When I'm browsing through the apps, if I click on one to look at it, when I go back, about half the...
  4. Robertt

    IFR Approach Plate app?

    Now they've got plastic kneeboards, a whole lot cheaper. iPad Kneeboard introduced | General Aviation News
  5. Robertt

    Strap Your iPad to Your Knee with the AppStation

    General Aviation News just announced this new kneeboard for the iPad. iPad Kneeboard introduced | General Aviation News It's got a lid and a kickstand. Here's some pictures.
  6. Robertt

    All Youtube videos are horrible:(

    Although it could be the connection, and that's the obvious problem, when it happened to me I called Apple. They said to restore the operating system and if that didn't fix it, they'd give me a new iPad. The problem with youtube and netflix videos did not go away, but it did improve after the...
  7. Robertt


    I had this problem so it can happen. But then I'm not very competent with iTunes either.
  8. Robertt

    The iPad Revolution

    Yep, evolution not revolution. This type of device (and the iPad is just the first of many) will change the way people go about their daily lives. But I don't think this will be a fundamental change. Not quite up to revolution status. When you can interface with your iPad via thought, now that...
  9. Robertt

    Multiplayer Games ??

    I have two iPads. I know there are some games out there that allow people to play them together on separate iPads. I'm guessing using bluetooth connection? Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions for good ones?
  10. Robertt

    All Youtube videos are horrible:(

    What was the problem. Starting and stopping? A number of people have reported this.
  11. Robertt

    Has The ipad Ever Frooze On Anybody?

    I've had my iPad apps crash and the whole machine has locked up a couple of times. I think all this trash talk about how bad Windows is compared to Apple OSs is a bunch of nonsense. Any computer can crash and compared to all the rest, Windows machines are very stable.
  12. Robertt

    Could Microsoft Office be Heading to the iPad?

    It's a pretty safe bet that Microsoft is considering the placement of its applications software on devices that might include the iPad. It is just a matter of time before their system software drives an iPad competitor.
  13. Robertt

    Apple Sells Three Million iPads in 80 Days

    I read somewhere that some pundits were expecting Apple to sell 60 million iPads by 2013. I guess that assumes that the world is still around after 2012!
  14. Robertt

    iPad Case Reviews

    This is for sure! Its looking to me like the Eazel is the best combination of stand and case I've seen. Now, if they would just hurry up and start shipping them!
  15. Robertt

    iPad Case Reviews

    The Articulating eazel
  16. Robertt

    stabile ipad stand

    Thanks. Got it and signed up for the list.
  17. Robertt

    iPad Case Reviews

    I just got a PM from the manufacturer of the Eazel. It closes up and has a swing out stand. He said they would start selling them in August. You have to see this one. It is very different.
  18. Robertt

    Taking the iPad on the road - Family Vacation!

    Make sure to get Trapster!
  19. Robertt

    Just got my ipad and need some help

    Common problem. I restored my OS last week and I don't know if it's a coincidence but my wifi hasn't dropped since.
  20. Robertt

    stabile ipad stand

    Man I can't tell you how long I've been looking for something like this. I like to watch videos in my recliner and nothing I've seen yet works for me. Your website doesn't list any price or date when it will be available. .???
  21. Robertt

    Zagg Protective Covers

    I got a Zagg cover and haven't put it on yet. Does anyone know if it leaves any residue on the screen if it is removed?
  22. Robertt

    When to charge?

    I'm no battery expert but I wait until it's down around 30% then charge it overnight.
  23. Robertt

    youtube doesn't work in Ipad

    At least in my case, this isn't it. I have the same problem on ANY wifi network and my iPhone streams it just fine. Apple told me if the restore didn't solve the problem they would replace the iPad.
  24. Robertt

    youtube doesn't work in Ipad

    Add me to the list. Videos run for maybe 20 seconds, sometimes longer, then stop because the playback catches up with the stream. I've tested this on multiple wifi networks with the same result. The same videos stream without a problem on my iPhone. I talked it over with apple support...
  25. Robertt

    Slow in developing apps for iPad?

    Yeah and I wish the app store had a filter for language, too. Quite a few non-English programs in some categories.
  26. Robertt

    Can't stream video - Any Ideas?

    I don't see anything in the iTunes app for a restore. Or do you mean restore from backup on my desktop computer. If that's it, I'll need to do a fresh backup first and then restore from that (which doesn't sound like it would do anything). ???
  27. Robertt

    Can't stream video - Any Ideas?

    I have a 64gb 3G iPad. Connected thru any wifi connect, I can't seem to stream YouTube (and others) video. Rarely they run and usually get in about 20-30 seconds then stop. I can hit the play button and maybe another 5 seconds streams before it stops again. After that, they generally refuse to...
  28. Robertt

    Just ordered my car mount...

    I didn't want to attach a mount to my a/c vents. A bit too much of a kludge.
  29. Robertt

    Favorite News App

    I cannot seem to find a news app I like. USAToday is a nice start, but it doesn't have nearly enough content. And I hate how I accidentally open articles when I'm trying to scroll down the page. Newsy is interesting and shows promise but again, not nearly enough new content each day. What are...
  30. Robertt

    Reading in bed - Needing a Stand

    Neat idea but it forces you to stay in one position.
  31. Robertt

    Reading in bed - Needing a Stand

    That Lapdog table is really pretty cool. Next time I'm sick in bed I hope I have one of those.
  32. Robertt

    IFR Approach Plate app?

    There are several if you want this as PDF files. Use something like goodreader to access them. Foreflight is the more elegant way to get them. Also check out Skycharts (I think that's the name). Aluminum kneeboards for the iPad are at iPad Kneeboards for Pilots.
  33. Robertt

    case that helps hold iPad for reading

    Seems like I saw something like this somewhere. A wide strap on the back that you slipped your hand through. Maybe search for "iPad glove" or something like that.
  34. Robertt

    Learn Objective-C or hire a programmer on

    Not impossible, but I'd estimate that it would take hundreds of hours to cobble up the simplest of applications for a newbie. Given enough time, yep, it can be done.
  35. Robertt

    World Cup Live on iPad?!?!

    Well thank God that Steve Jobs has protected us from that! I feel so much better knowing that no evil flash content will appear on my screen.
  36. Robertt

    Learn Objective-C or hire a programmer on

    If you've never done any programming, I wish u the best of luck, but I'll warn you that you'll probably fail. It's not as easy as it may sound. Keep us posted. I'd love to hear that you succeeded.
  37. Robertt

    Favorite Movies & Actors

    Tom Hanks Anthony Hopkins Morgan Freeman Denzel Washington Leonardo DiCaprio Russell Crowe Cate Blanchett Edward Norton
  38. Robertt

    Touch guides-why?

    Now that does sound interesting. I guess it could have some type of photo-reactive substance that deflated or flattened under higher relative lighting. Darker areas would be slightly raised. Interesting.
  39. Robertt

    Stop sending me to mobile sites

    The iPad isn't forcing you anywhere. Once you arrive at a site, the website checks to see if you are a mobile user. If you are, the webpage redirects you to a mobile version of the site.