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  1. maryinredding

    iPad Mini Discussion

    I was only able to get a black one after Christmas but it doesn't matter too much. I put a purple book style case on it along with a Zagg screen protector. I did order extra cords and home and auto chargers and so far that is it. I don't really see needing much else.
  2. maryinredding

    Just received my mini

    I have the original iPad. Actually both my husband and I have them. I have been thinking about getting a newer model but I was waiting until the time was right. When the mini came out I thought that would be a great size for so many things (reading, surfing the web or playing games). well, my...
  3. maryinredding

    Ios 5.1

    Mine will not update over the air. Any of you having trouble with this???
  4. maryinredding

    FREE video converters

    "Handbrake is pretty fast can convert movies in about 20 min or so" What settings to do you put Handbrake in to get it to copy in 20 minutes??? When I do it it takes 1 hour and 20 minutes or so. I have never known it to be that fast. What am I doing wrong?????
  5. maryinredding

    Unable to update Apps

    Same thing happened to me today too. I was unable to find the 3 that would not update in the app catalog.
  6. maryinredding

    Reading in bed - Needing a Stand

    Personally, I would choose the wedge over the propup. I like having my ipad in a case and the propup doesn't allow that. Every little bit of protection I can get I will use most of the time.
  7. maryinredding

    FREE video converters

    Ipad 2 does video as well as take photos.
  8. maryinredding

    HBOGo Released!

    I have charter and no problems at all with it.
  9. maryinredding

    HBOGo Released!

    I have no problem with it so far.
  10. maryinredding

    iPad1 applications crashing

    I just had my pad crash after installing zinio. It finally turned back on and I have deleted it . Hope this was the only problem.
  11. maryinredding

    Symbol meaning, please

    OK, I have searched the web and the forums and I cannot find what a symbol means. It is a arrow up by the battery percentage number. Anyone know??? Thanks if it was answered before and I just couldn't find it.
  12. maryinredding

    HBOGo Released!

    It works really great.
  13. maryinredding

    I want to hear from all you 3G ipad owners, has it been worth it?

    You know, if you actually pay for a hotspot on your cell phone it will run you $29.99 per month (on Sprint) per phone while the 3g on the iPad is only $14.99. If you're lucky enough to be able to hack your phone so you can get a free hotspot then that's great. I hacked my Palm Pre pretty easily...
  14. maryinredding

    I want to hear from all you 3G ipad owners, has it been worth it?

    I would say it has been worth it. In our small town not many places have wifi so we end up using our 3G at restaurants. Even in the electronics store (Best Buy) their wifi is locked now so you can't use it there too. I have a hotspot on my phone but sometimes my signal is very poor so it won't...
  15. maryinredding

    FREE video converters

    It seems that all the converters are way slow. If I convert a movie and usually do it before going to bed and it will be done by morning.
  16. maryinredding

    Verizon Store 3G Help FAIL

    You can check your AT&T account without going on 3G. You must be on some sort of internet (wifi is fine) and you can check your usage. Sometimes it says that it can't connect then you can go online on a computer to AT&T iPad Data Plan and do the same thing.
  17. maryinredding

    Sending text to a cell phone from ipad not an email ? App for that?

    If you can hack your phone to turn it into a wifi hotspot then you would not need the AT&T carrier on your ipad.
  18. maryinredding

    Man Buys Fake iPad From Walmart and they Refuse to Refund Him

    I guess we will have to start opening stuff in the store to see if it's ok. I remember getting a game at Walmart one time, taking it home and the game card was missing. I returned to the store immediately, and they had me go back to the department and get another one. I opened it in front of the...
  19. maryinredding

    voice chat using bluetooth = impossible?

    Ok, I must apologize to everyone for assuming that the A2DP headphones would work with Skype on the iPad. I researched a little and found this on MacWorld. "Bluetooth stereo headphones: We tested a number of stereo Bluetooth headphones; all paired quickly with the iPad and routed most...
  20. maryinredding

    standard apple keyboard dock wont work with ios4???

    I have a docking keyboard and 4.2 and it works perfectly. You may have to go back to a plain iPad. I think you reset it completely at iTunes.
  21. maryinredding

    Epillow for the iPad

    I too have the brown one and have 2 dogs and a parrot and don't have any problems. The pillow is wonderful.
  22. maryinredding

    Sorry to ask pib

    I really don't like itunes all that much. It gets confusing sometimes and if you don't do it just right you can erase pictures and video from your pad. That is why I was really excited when a member here suggested Dropbox. Now I don't have to go through itunes to put pictures on.
  23. maryinredding

    Sorry to ask pib

    You can also use Dropbox which is a free app in the catalog. It works very well. You install it on your computer and iPad and can then view the pictures anywhere you want (in Dropbox).
  24. maryinredding

    Recommendations for someone elderly

    I played around with the Accessibility things and there are all kinds of things there to make it easier for someone who can't see very well. I wish my parents had lived long enough to see the iPad. They would have been blown away by it.
  25. maryinredding

    Recommendations for someone elderly

    You can make your letters bigger in email and notes it says. Also, if he needed to see a webpage bigger all he would have to do is pinch it bigger.
  26. maryinredding

    Recommendations for someone elderly

    If you look in the general settings on the ipad there is a Accessibility tab. Click on it and you will see Voice Over, Zoom, Large Text. That may make a BIG difference.
  27. maryinredding

    My 3G Stopped Working

    If you can't get into your account on your iPad (you can do this on wifi) you can go to AT&T iPad Plans on the web. They have made it easy for you to check your credit cards and the minutes you have left.
  28. maryinredding

    Reading in bed - Needing a Stand

    It looks like it only lets you use it in landscape mode. I like having the option to use it either way.
  29. maryinredding

    Epillow for the iPad

    I really love mine. It's so nice to sit propped up in bed and not have to hold the iPad while I'm using it.
  30. maryinredding

    Screen scratch. Finally

    I don't think it's too good to use a napkin. Any soft cloth or microfiber towels from the dollar store work really well.
  31. maryinredding

    Epillow for the iPad

    I have the brown one and I love it. You can use it sitting at a table or laying in bed. More people have commented on it when I have used it.
  32. maryinredding


    That's a little pricey. I also like being able to put my iPad in the stand with a case on. I don't think you could do that very well with the upstand.
  33. maryinredding


    I don't think you could use your pad in the case with the first one you listed. I think the other would be fine. Personally, I have the compass design stand and I love it. I can put the pad in either landscape or portrait and at any number of angles.
  34. maryinredding

    Bluetooth Headsets for Skpe on I-Pad

    Just looked at the specs on Motorola's website and it did not mention it so it will not work with iPad. I guess the new Plantronics Voyager Pro Plus has it and will work.
  35. maryinredding

    Bluetooth Headsets for Skpe on I-Pad

    It has to be A2DP compatible to work. It will say in the specs for the headset whether or not it has it.
  36. maryinredding

    When should i recharge

    Mine stays on the keyboard/charger when it's not with me. I have only gotten it down to 65% before recharging.
  37. maryinredding

    OMG We got an iPad! Its an iPad

    Well, fataldesain, that sounds kind of Scroogy to me. Be happy for the child, would you??????
  38. maryinredding

    Not charging with usb

    I got a adapter from Boxwave that allows me to charge my pad via usb. I don't know how it works but it does
  39. maryinredding

    Verizon 3G?

    Neither your phone nor your ipad have to be jailbroken to use tethering. I have a Palm Pre from Sprint that I use as a hotspot. Yes, it is slower than 3G but in a pinch it will work. You can get a program on the web for android based phones that can turn your phone into a hotspot without...
  40. maryinredding

    IPad and Gmail

    I just looked at my gmail account and I did find the dropdown menu where you can add a sender to your contact list. On the email go to the very corner of the message next to the reply arrow and there is a down arrow. Click on that and you will see an add to contact list. I already had a gmail...