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    iPad can play 1080p videos all you need is......

    Yet you cannot play mkv files in 720P. Ridiculous. All HD content on the web is in mkv, unless you buy from Apple. Surprise, surprise, they dont support the standard.
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    Flash: Why so important to the Ipad?

    Grooveshark. Go find me an app on iOS that lets me FOR FREE play ANY song of my choosing on demand. Ill be expecting that post soon. Hulu. Free if we have flash, 10 dollars a month without it. You think thats acceptable? Also, I don't give a flying (*@# if YOU find the site useful...
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    VLC player for for iPad

    Yea, its pretty much useless. It doesn't use hardware acceleration.
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    Ios 4.2

    The folders are going to be great. The multitasking is not real multitasking and is therefore useless. The changing of the toggle switch to mute is stupid and will infuriate me, why would I ever need to mute the ipad THAT quick? Printing function is useless for me because the ipad is not a...
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    What do you least like about iPad?

    -No flash -No USB -No HDMI out -No MKV file support -File System is a jumbled mess -Cannot subscribe to podcasts from the iPad -No SD card slot -No ability to play 2 audio streams at once* -No organizing ebooks in the ibooks app -256MB of ram limits it greatly -No widgits -Notification method is...
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    Flash: Why so important to the Ipad?

    Yea, I don't see that as a solution. Visiting a mobile site is not the solution to not being able to view the full site on a TABLET. On a phone its mildly acceptable, but on a TABLET, it should be able to view ANYTHING a desktop browser can.
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    Flash: Why so important to the Ipad?

    No Grooveshark Reading news sites with embedded videos you will just not see the videos, instead there will be a blank white area. This happens at least a dozen times each day for me, and is annoying as hell. Various videos and links sent to you from friends will not work because of a lack...
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    Stream directly from NAS

    The iPad does not support SMB sharing for some reason. You have to install crappy apps to convert and stream the video to the iPad, which means you have to have a computer running. My 5 year old Windows Mobile phone could stream MKV files over the network without any applications installed on...
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    Is the Samsung Galaxy an worthy opponent of the ipad?

    For the first time today I was within half a second of throwing the iPad across the room. Atomic Browser crashed on me 3 times in a row. It is BEYOND annoying. I open up a couple of tabs and let them load, then the instant I try and scroll or if I try to play an embedded video, black screen...
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    Drop Box, It's Bl**dy Marvellous

    Sure wish it actually synced with the server instead of just showing me the documents that I have uploaded. I expected it to actually download the files to the iPad. I was disappointed.
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    Piper Jaffray says Android beats iOS in five years

    Apple is ahead of GOOGLE because they have 1 server farm. How about google has been operating in the cloud since Androids inception. No itunes nonsense to deal with. And i don't care how much Apple invests in a data center, its not going to come near to what Google has. I swear Apple people...
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    Piper Jaffray says Android beats iOS in five years

    They better up their game in the "cloud" usage, because they are SERIOUSLY behind pretty much every other mobile OS out there. The fact that I have to plug in to iTunes to accomplish ANY task with the iPad is horrendous. Can't even subscribe to a podcast without going through iTunes on a...
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    iBook Questions

    I read on the iPad all of the time, and I really like the experience. If however, I just wanted an ebook reader, I would pick up one of those $140 Kindles in a heartbeat. They are incredibly thin and light and have great reviews. You have to ask yourself if your wife is going to be playing...
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    Apple opened door for Flash?

    They can easily still reject flash even with their new policy. If flash is allowed, then they are either really worried about Android or really worried that their practices with regards to the App Store will be determined to be illegal by the FTC, probably both.
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    Piper Jaffray says Android beats iOS in five years

    And the handful that survive will be AMAZING machines.
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    Piper Jaffray says Android beats iOS in five years

    Same. I am having about the same number of crashes on the iPad as on my Windows Mobile phone. Safari and Atomic Browser crashes at LEAST once a day if I try and watch streaming video through them. Android apps are rock solid from my experience with them, and they do a HELL of a lot more than...
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    Is the Samsung Galaxy an worthy opponent of the ipad?

    That is a great feature of iOS, however, apps still crash, ESPECIALLY if you are jailbroken and dare to run backgrounder with more than one app running. Also, iOS being closed source, they are WAAAAY behind Android featurewise. Seriously, speech to text throughout the entire OS is a killer...
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    Piper Jaffray says Android beats iOS in five years

    Its not going to take that long for Google to dominate. After Android tablets start hitting the market with Gingerbread on them, and the public becomes more and more aware of the bevy of features that Android has that iOS absolutely lacks, Android will be simply taking more and more market...
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    Is the Samsung Galaxy an worthy opponent of the ipad?

    The presence of system tools would mean that Apple would be allowing you to alter something that they did, and no one alters perfection. Yea, the App store is a pretty cool place, but really once I got everything installed on my iPad, I realized that a good 90% of the apps I NEVER open, and...
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    iPad crashing?

    Recently my iPad has been crashing applications left and right. All applications are not cracked. It seems the iPad cannot handle memory management with backgrounder installed. It is not capable of streaming slacker and browsing the web using atomic web, it just closes one of the programs...
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    A Request for a Cydia addon or something.....

    I come from a Windows Mobile world with my cell phone, so I am too taken aback by the "hacking" of the iPad. The extent of the "hacking" seems to be the jailbreak and that is it. I would have thought that the community being so massively large behind the iPhone and iPad, that there would be...
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    Did you know your iPad had this keyboard?

    I think it was fairly obvious he was talking about an app that would give you a replacement DEFAULT keyboard throughout the OS, you know, like every other phone OS allows.
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    Too much to ask for Flash capabilities?

    Look, this is the simplest of issues. Apple fanboys will continue to say how flash is a fading standard and how "they dont even use any websites with flash content", etc, etc, etc. All nonsense. No mobile Apple product will ever have flash, not because they aren't capable, but because IOS is...
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    Does Anybody Regret....

    No regrets, because the instant a fully functional Android tablet comes around, this thing is sold for basically what I bought it for, since Apple people seem to suspend logic when purchasing used Apple products off Craigslist.
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    Ipod opens in ipad for 2 secs only?

    I get this all of the time in multiple applications. I think it has to do with the iPad not having enough memory available. This should be fixed in iOS4, even though I have no idea how they are going to make the iPad multitask without making it lag hugely with 256mb of ram.
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    Is the Samsung Galaxy an worthy opponent of the ipad?

    Its not out yet. Of course it will be an "opponent" of the iPad, whatever that means. Apple people will dismiss it and all others because they don't have the app store that Apple devices have, so what is the point of even asking? This device will do a lot of things that the iPad just cannot...
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    iPad wanna be's

    The iPad a computer revolution? Uh, no. Its a media consumption device. Its not even in competition with the most basic of what we consider "computers". In fact, it needs a real computer to even function at all. Hard to claim its a revolution when as a REQUIREMENT to own one, you HAVE to...
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    Backgrounder stopping

    Its because Apple launched a tablet with only 256mb of memory when their damn phone has 512mb. They of course did this so that next year they can offer a "new and improved" model. Apple loves to purposefully gimp their devices because they know that their customers will just end up buying a...
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    When do you think Jailbreak for 3.2.2 will be released?

    Why would they jailbreak it at all? 3.2.2 is NO different from 3.2.1 except for plugging the pdf hole, which can be done through cydia. Seems like a waste of an exploit for me to even attempt to jailbreak it.
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    Recent Trip with my Ipad

    Do you have a phone that is capable of tethering? Pretty much any smartphone is capable of it.
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    I have to return my iPad (from as soon as it arrives...

    Should you be buying an iPad at all if you don't have 500 dollars in savings to pay for it? I just don't understand people. Apple products are luxury items. If you are living paycheck to paycheck, its probably not a good idea to drop 500-1000 dollars on a toy.
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    Just received a jailbroken iPad

    You do know that you can get the app store apps from the app store right? Just because you are jailbroken doesn't mean you are banned from using the legit app store.
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    The New Kindle, Cheaper, Lighter, Free 3G!

    Its a completely different device from the iPad. Its probably the best e-reader on the market, whereas the iPad is a large iPod Touch that happens to have an e-reader capability.
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    iPad wanna be's

    The screen resolution of the iPad is pretty much locked in for the foreseeable future. The App Store already has fragmented into iPhone apps, iPhone 4 apps, and iPad apps, all at different resolutions. I doubt they will add even more complexity to this for several years at least. Also, even...
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    iPad wanna be's

    Thats the iPhone consumer base.
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    Download movie to ipad

    You need a computer. Even if you could figure out the dozen step process of downloading a movie using an alternative browser, finding it using ifile, moving it to a location where a video play can recognize it, etc, it would take you longer than just using a computer and syncing with itunes...
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    Jailbroken iPad 3.2.1 can't install crack app

    Because a "cracked app" is a pirated application. Just because jailbreaking is legal doesn't mean that you can go and install thousands of dollars of apps for free through installous. People expect money for their hard work on these apps, not to have them pirated/stolen.
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    Turn off copy feature?

    I highly doubt Apple would let you do that. They aren't known for giving the user a bunch of options.
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    FYI: The inevitable Windows 7 tablet vs. iPad video

    The ratio is wrong? Do you mean the 16x9 ratio of the screen which is perfect for playing video without giant black bars? Every tablet other than the iPad will have this ratio because its the standard HD ratio.
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    FYI: The inevitable Windows 7 tablet vs. iPad video

    The ExoPC has not been released or even reviewed in its final form. Kinda tough to call it "a fail".