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    Apple Watch Stainless Steel Version Experiencing Unknown Scratches Controversy

    The fact that the guy in the video is acting like the watch having poor scratch resistance is okay, is super ridiculous.
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    New iPad actually charges to full one hour after it displays 100% charge

    I actually noticed this the first couple of days of usage. I almost returned it because I thought the battery was bad. One night I put it on the charger earlier than normal and it lasted much longer the next day.
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    New iPad at Work Trial Kicks Off in Liverpool Hospitals

    Bring your own equipment...
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    iPad 3 impression...sorely disappointed!

    The quality improvements are there. It's all in the details. I initially noticed very few and thought the same as you. After a while when you look at an older iPad it will seem slightly fuzzy. When more apps are optimized we will enjoy our iPads more. That being said I still find my self...
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    Targus Versavu 3rd Gen iPad Case......

    Their response is suspicious. If that was the full truth, the original cases would not work on the new iPad.
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    Ipad 3 case that works similarly to original Apple Case

    The original case was the best for me as well. I took a look at the Targus line and they have a " generic " feel (to me). The smart cover that Apple sells is an invitation to damage the iPad. I once found a slim cover for the ipad2 that was a back cover and a smart cover in a one piece...
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    [POLL] What model of iPad 3 will you get?

    I am with you. I ordered two 16gb LTE iPads. I own both generations 64gb 3G, one for the wife and one for me. We have never used more than 4gb. I am one of those old school computer guys that feel like more items on the harddrive slows the computer down, (this was the case in the early 90's) I...
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    New iPad 3 Details and Pictures Emerge, With Claims it Will Have Siri

    I kind of hope this is wrong. Sort of cheering for quad core.....although it does nothing for my usage.
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    ipad 3 dual-core or quad core?

    Hoping for the quad core but would be happy with a 28nm architecture on the dual core, if it is in fact currently 45nm. I have an iPad 1 & 2 and see very little difference in day to day usage. More power results in little improvement on the main things people use the iPad for (gamers aside).
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    PDF Form Filler

    +1 for Pdf Expert. I use it to complete my forms then update them to my Dropbox or email them to whomever.
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    Samsung Unveils Galaxy Tab

    I like it, which is a surprise because normally bigger is better in my book.
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    All Youtube videos are horrible:(

    I have hunted, researched, called AT&T, called Apple, and complained to my friends. The end result is that when an Apple product connects to YouTube through AT&T 3g there is a throttling back of bitrates. I use a Palm pre and made fun of the iphone’s piss poor YouTube quality on many occasions...
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    What would you like to see in the new os?

    All I want is a Tab button on the keyboard
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    Call me jealous

    Honestly, beyond the email improvements IOS4 strikes me as meh. Folders: meh Fast switching/multitasking: meh Background stuff: meh Everything: meh Now if they found a way to put a proper file system, and employ some of that video conference love I would be impressed. I have only just come...
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    iPad or macbook?

    Here is another idea. Get the Mac by following the link below. Apple gives you an ipod touch with the purchase. Sell the Ipod Touch and use the money towards an Ipad. You will end up with a Mac laptop, Windows desktop, and an Ipad. All bases are covered. Apple Back to School - Education Store...
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    How To: Put your iPad into Recovery Mode

    @mk1151 very well written. I book marked your posting and thanks
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    iPad or macbook?

    You are really talking about two completely different animals here. The Ipad is not a heavy duty computer. If you are talking about using the Ipad in class to take notes and browse the occasional site, then it is perfect. You could probably get some of your books in E format. I you need to write...
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    Any thoughts on the .....

    +1 I have an Ipad and three touches. Many of my friends have at least one Iproduct. The truth is even if a product is better than an Iproduct it has an up hill battle. Witness the HTC Evo. The EVO should have stolen every bit of Apple's sparkle.
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    Web Browsers

    I may be missing something but this does not work. I even turned the ipad on and off twice. As a default browser it would be the browser selected when you click on links in your email and other places on the ipad.
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    Web Browsers

    This is posted using Atomic. It works well for me.
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    Is there really that much benefit for waiting for 2g?

    7-10 days...... My friend you have no idea what waiting is...;) I think there will be improvements that will impress some but for most they will not be huge. The best I can think of is a camera. Battery life is good enough, screen is good enough, weight could improve but by how much in...
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    Who here bought an iPad even though they dislike Apple products?

    I still hate Apple. In fact I hate them even more now that I have an Ipad. There is no doubt in my mind that they make the best products hardware wise. Even the majority of their software works very well and intuitive. The problem that I have is I hate my gadgets telling me what I can and cannot...
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    AT&T changing their plans

    It seems that unlimited is not working out for AT&T.
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    I went ahead and deleted the account from my safari. I was hoping some one would verify it's existence on there iPad.
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    Stop sending me to mobile sites

    Just tried it and it is really a nice browser. Thanks a ton, you just solved a large number of my complaints. I just wish I could make it my default.
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    Stop sending me to mobile sites

    Misery loves company. I feel better because I kept retyping, clearing out my browser trying 3G then wifi resulting in zero joy.
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    I believe I can delete it but I wanted to make sure it was not normal. No one has used my iPad without me hovering.
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    Stop sending me to mobile sites

    That site has no such option. Try it.
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    Stop sending me to mobile sites

    This is an iPad, it has a awesome browser on it. Why is it forcing me to go to mobile site. I realize it is based on a phone's OS but for the love of all things tech how does one stop this behavior. I have tried to use and the mobile browser I am forced onto looks pixel shy by a...
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    Reasons why 'not' to buy 3G..

    Performance is location specific. I bought my iPad on day one and have had full bars even in my cellar. I actually thought that the bars were some sort of con. Finally, one day I caught it go down one bar for just a second as I drove under some electrical wires. My download speeds are always 1.5...
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    I went to and found an entry that contained my email, so that's okay. I also found one that is called Any ideas before I delete it?
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    One of the best free app that I have seen

    Give photo pad a try. It is produced by Zagg and I am stunned at the quality of this app.
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    Plan on getting a Zagg Invisibleshield for your iPad?

    I installed a zagg full body just for the heck. It looks really good and installation was not that difficult. I have had it for less than 24 hrs but I noticed a slight orange peel effect if you look at it from an extreme angle. Can anyone confirm that this will eventually go away?
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    Cleaning the Apple case

    I use a wet towel.
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    I HATE screen protectors

    As a rule I hate screen protectors but would consider one if it felt and looked like the original screen. I like the super slick feel of glass.
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    Weird battery life problem

    Good point. This is a one task at a time device. The reason that I want a task manager is because I felt that something was running in the background as Numlock suggested.
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    Think first!

    I would love to have phone powers on my iPad. When I used my desktop I often would make calls using a bluetooth and Skype. That would/will love that function when we have third party multiple-tasking. I can already see myself watching a video, a call comes in and the video pauses while I speak.
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    Weird battery life problem

    YAY, the problem seems to have stopped. I just reset the iPad then drained the battery. After a night of charging all is well. It does bring to light a frustration as a windows user. NO TASK MANAGER....
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    Weird battery life problem

    I spoke to soon. I am down an additional 9% from my last post. I guess it full restore time.
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    Weird battery life problem

    I did a restart and that seemed to have fixed it. @John I had full signal on 3G and full battery. I will be monitoring this real close. @edlex I am going to have to pick up that habit. I wish there was a way for it to automatically do this. The last thing I added to my iPad was the cloud...