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    Microsoft kills Courier

    And the HP Slate might be "on the rocks": Microsoft Kills 'Courier' Tablet (VIDEO)
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    iPad vs HP Slate

    A few things turn me off: If connected to the Internet, won't it need a firewall and some anti-virus protection? If so, that is an extra cost to the owner. I guess that could be by-passed by using the firewall that comes with Windows and installing a free anti-virus program. But still, the...
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    Day 1 first impressions

    I've tried watching Netflix at home. I have a Netflix enabled TV set. To me, the picture quality is better on the iPad.
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    Day 1 first impressions

    It's great for watching Netflix. More convenient than a laptop or a desktop. You don't have to sit at a table or a desk. Just curl up on a couch or kick back in a recliner. I'll probably download some books. I'm a little disappointed that I couldn't watch "Weather in Motion" on...
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    Official iPad Owners List

    Caved in and bought one today. 64gb
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    RIP computer mouse: R.I.P. the computer mouse, 1972-2010 | Digital City Podcast - CNET Blogs
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    iPad - are you still on the fence?

    Link to a website on how to tether an iPhone to an iPad: Use iPhone 3G Connection on iPad “No Jailbreak Required”
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    iPad - are you still on the fence?

    I didn't pre-order an iPad. I'm waiting to see more reviews of the iPad. I might buy an iPad or similar device in the near future. I own a Mac, and I love it.
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    Do you believe , we are living an historical moment with the iPad ??

    What I see historical with the iPad is Apple potentially taking a significant market share away from Microsoft. It would depend on at least two "ifs": If the iPad becomes the dominant tablet computer. If the tablet computer becomes the preferred device (instead of a laptop or a desktop computer).
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    I apologize if this has already been discussed in another thread. I'm sure there are a lot of potential iPad or other tablet device buyers out there like me: We have not pre-ordered an iPad. We're waiting to see the reviews of the iPad. We have a strong interest in buying an iPad or...
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    PC vs Mac

    My home computer is a MacBook. My cell phone is an iPhone. My work computer is a Dell laptop running Windows XP. My wife's home computer is a HP Pavilion desktop running (ugh) Windows Vista. Vista drove me crazy enough to shell out the $$$ for a Mac. And I am certainly thankful to the folks...
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    Hello World - I'm going to use my iPad as my primary computer...

    I was thinking the same thing: View or listen to your content with the iPad in the comfort of a couch or reclining chair; Access the content not stored on the iPad wirelessly from a desktop computer located in another room of your house; No more sitting upright in an uncomfortable...
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    Obligatory 1st timer post

    Why am I interested in the iPad? To a degree, the iPad is going to change how people interact with computers. I don't think we will see a complete elimination of the keyboard and mouse. But I do think we're going to see a gradual shift toward touch, gesture, etc. Maybe eventually, computers...
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    What really annoy you with Apple

    You hit the nail on the head.