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    In store price

    Thanks all, difficult to adjust to the 'tax at the till' it would drive me crazy lol. Still I'll be still saving nearly 150 euro compared to the european price even with the tax so can't complain. Thanks again
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    In store price

    An ideas guys?
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    In store price

    Hi guys i'm traveling to Orlando in the next few weeks from Ireland and hope to purchase an ipad and an unlocked iPhone in store at apple. Currently the iPhone is $649 online for example but I wanted to enquire if that is the final price including taxes etc if I make the purchase in store as...
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    Sending iPad to son in New Zealand

    Hi A colleauge at work would like to send an iPad to her son in Christchruch New Zealand. She is located in Ireland. Can she order on the Irish store and dipatch it to his address there? Or can she order it with here Irish visa card on the New Zealand site for delivery there. Personally I...
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    4.2 GM Just Released

    Hi all I have the new 4.2g GM installed but I can't see the airplay option in the new dock with volume and brightness. Am I missing something do you have to have apple TV in the background for this to show?
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    ipad 4.2 beta 2 expired?

    yes I have a registered account fully paid up with my ipad registered! Downloading the new beta now.....?? will it be ok
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    ipad 4.2 beta 2 expired?

    i All woke up this morning and my ipad screen had the connect to itunes screen. I'm running the 4.2 beta 2 and when I connected to itunes it said the software had expired. I'm downloading beta 3 now but I'm frightened i'm going to wipe my iPad with the new beta. Will the new beta allow me to...
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    My Solution for iPad Notetaking

    I downloaded loads of note taking apps but nothing has come close to NoteTakerHD. You can actually take 'real' notes.
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    Merging PDF Files

    Ok it's not possible to do complicated manipulation but the poster asked about merging files. If you are on a mac this can be done simply using 'preview'. I'm still on the search for an iPad app that does this. Presently I'm using iAnnotatePDF which allows quite a lot of freedom.
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    Save YouTube videos to your iPad for offline viewing

    Can you select your resolution/quality. I hate the poor quality of the mobile YouTube site
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    Transferring files without wifi/3g or iTunes?

    Your could get a mifi device which would allow you to connect to the 3G network
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    I was sitting at the car dealership waiting for my car to be serviced.

    I'm sitting in the ED trying to surf, no one here is asking me anything.
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    Photos of Apple's New Opéra Store in Paris

    I which apple would open a store here in Ireland, which is after all their European based. Come on apple this is iReland after all
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    Best Twitter Client

    I've tried loads and I too would have to go with Osfoora HD.
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    My Solution for iPad Notetaking

    After reading the thread I went with note taker HD. For finger input the zoom feature is just great. I'm never sure about voice recording at meetings, it's fine in a small groups and where everyone knows you are doing it! The only thing I'd like to be able to do is enter text using the keyboard...
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    My Solution for iPad Notetaking

    Not a digital voice recorder but soundpaper seems to offer a mix of note taking and voice recording. Anyone use it?
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    Just A Big iPhone....

    When people ask me why do you have an iPad you already have a iPhone and a laptop, I always answer I have the laptop and iPhone because the iPad wasn't invented when I got them. I'd certainly thing twice about replacing my laptop and if I need such a high spec'd phone when they come to the end...
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    What's the best task management app on the iPad?

    I researched this for a week and went with todo. Mid range price and loads of features. So far I love it. Things was just to expensive to risk trying and not like.
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    To 3g or not to 3g?

    3G all the way but mifi is an option. I just thought that I would have either forgot the mifi or the battery wouldn't be charged when I actually needed it. It's bound to happen this way.
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    iPad/iPhone email help

    If you set up your email using microsoft exchange this will sync your email over multiple devices. Gmail supports exchange email for example. At present you only can have one exchange account on the iPad but you can have multiple exchange accounts on iOS 4 on the iPhone. Here a link for setting...
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    Pdf to where?

    Goodreader 99cent or iBooks is free. Just press and hold your finger down on the attachment and you'll be given options to open up in compatible apps
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    YouTube question

    Hi all I'm probably missing something very obvious but is there a way to subscribe to YouTube video channels on the YouTube (iPad) app? I can't see an option.
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    Remote Access App's!!

    I like iTap RDP
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    How do you pay for 02 3G on pay as you go?

    Yeah you can top it up like a mobile
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    Blocked from downloading Dragon Dictate

    Yeah I have a variety of iTunes accounts including a US account and I live in Ireland. You can also purchase American $ iTunes vouchers on ebay. I didn't use the above method and can't confirm it will work (it might well do) or not but there are other ways if you just google it.
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    Damn-smug iPhone friends

    Hadn't heard of Osfoora. Just downloaded it and it's going on the front page too!
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    Damn-smug iPhone friends

    for this very reason I keep my 'show off' apps on my front screen... The Elements Pulse BBC News Marvel Comics Smule MacUser Mag And if these don't impress offer them a game of Foosball HD. I have an iPhone but I find it very difficult to switch back to using iPhone versions of apps.
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    iDisk app updated for iPad

    At last apple has updated the iDisk app for the iPad. I hope others are on there way too
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    iPad or macbook?

    Being a student is all about being cool, so get an iPad :) On a serious note if it's just note taking and surfing then go iPad if it's more heavy duty then go iPad.
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    Only certain numbers

    I love my iPad but I am completely frustrated that apple would release an app that can't handle basic formula from excel. Most of my spreadsheets have the countif formula in them and every time I import them in not only will it not recognize the formula it actually strips out the value and...
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    PDF reader

    thanks for that. You can't seem to email the to yourself and import to iBooks like I can on my iPhone running iOS4 but this is fine for now. I've been playing with good reader a little bit more and its not as bad as I thought. Thanks again
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    Apps that I actually use.

    Well I can second your list and add Twittelator Pro Newsrack Pulse BBC news Weather Pro HD Goodreader Dropbox Docstogo ITap RDC I wish i had a proper Facebook app but I use safari until Facebook bother
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    PDF reader

    What's the best PDF reader for the iPad. I like the iBooks PDF reader on the iPhone but it doesn't seem to be integrated into the iPad version (maybe in iOS 4). I have good reader and although it's ok I'd prefer something with some nice aesthetics as well as function. All recommendations...
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    Is there a way to move columns in tweet deck for the iPad?
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    My iPad is a tank (survival story)

    Glad I live in a bungalow, now I just need to pull up the wooden floors :)
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    PDP authentication error

    Thanks. Yeah I'm sure it most be their end. Hopefully I will get it sorted tomorrow
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    One MacBook Pro, One iPhone, One iPad...Two users

    Yes you can sync multiple devices to the one MacBook with no issues. If you set yourself up as a separate user in my opinion that make things a little more difficult. Just connect to iTunes and choose 'manually' sync. That way you are in control of what playlists, movies etc that are transfer...
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    Call me jealous

    I really like iOS4 on my 3GS now that the apps are updating to support it. Simple things like listening to radio in the background and the improved mail client (multiple exchange accounts). All these things are helping my productivity/usage and although I love my iPad it would really benefit...
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    PDP authentication error

    happy 4th of July from Ireland! I've been using my 3G iPad for a few days without a sim but purchased a micro sim yesterday pre pay data but for the life of me can't connect to the 3G network and keep getting a PDP authentication error (what ever that is). I was using my iPhone in the same...
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    iPad Here!

    Your gonna love it!