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  1. Lstclair55

    Charging Station for Multiple iPads

    Hi, I was looking in the the recent MacFormat magazine and notice the Kanex Sydnee changing station. Looking it up on the web, it is £139. Does anyone else know of other solutions similar to this. We have 3/4 iPads that need to be charged and stored safely. Thank you in advance....
  2. Lstclair55

    Keynote and Powerpoint Hyperlinks

    Hi, I have a powerpoint presentation that is very menu driven with a hyperlink bar down the left hand side of the screen. When opening the powerpoint presentation in keynote it seems to lose the hyperlink settings. Is there a way round this apart from having to re-create these within KeyNote?
  3. Lstclair55

    Calendar Settings

    Thanks, have seen that. It's just we are using it for someone's diary for travelling from house to house and might confuse them I suppose.... Just be nice to have it under each other, rather left and right.
  4. Lstclair55

    Calendar Settings

    Sorry, did not make myself too clear. Each calendar segement is worth 30 minutes in time. I want to change this so that an hour is made up of four segments.
  5. Lstclair55

    Calendar Settings

    Hi, Does anyone know if there is the facility to change the calendar spaces from 30 minute intervals to 15 minutes intervals?
  6. Lstclair55

    Dropbox iPAD File Location

    Thank you for the time and effort that you have put into your response to me. It has certainly confirmed what I was going to do was in fact the best solution. We did look at getting our own app developed, but were given prices of £4000 - £5000. With the solution of the Cellica database...
  7. Lstclair55

    Dropbox iPAD File Location

    Okay, probably need to explain what I am doing. I will be using the Cellica database app that syncs with our server over the air for tracking peoples feedback on what they think to houses we show them around. I would like to be able to over air download the pdf brochures of the houses they...
  8. Lstclair55

    Dropbox iPAD File Location

    What about the ipad file location?
  9. Lstclair55

    Dropbox iPAD File Location

    Hi, I am planning to use dropbox to sync pdf files from our office computer to an ipad. Then a database field on an app on the ipad will link t the pdf files within the ipad. However what I need to know if what the folder structure / file path is for dropbox so I can create the relevant...
  10. Lstclair55

    Most Suitable Database / Form App

    Hi, Looking for some recommendations for the following situation: I want to create a database on the ipad using some information that is contained with a CSV file that will be e-mailed to the ipad everyday. This will basically have that persons work rota for that day. During the day they...