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    NinjaTown: Trees Of Doom free today!

    Hi, guys, Trees Of Doom for iPhone is free today! I know it's not an iPad app, butt thought I'd let you know!
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    How to clean a leather Smart Cover?

    Hey, I've got the cream leather Smart Cover for my iPad, and it got quite dirty around the edges in about one week. Does anyone know to clean both the outside (leather) and inside of the SC? Please don't suggest me names of products because it's unlikely to get them in my country. Thank you!
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    Daily app deals?

    And again, thanks :)
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    Daily app deals?

    Thank you.
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    Favorite free games?

    Jump and Fly - free until the next update!
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    Daily app deals?

    Thanks, guys!
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    Daily app deals?

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows a site where I can check daily iPad app deals (price drops, updates, etc.) Thanks!