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    eBay Scammer LEXUS_LOVER....Please Read

    Admins, I didn't know where to put this other than here. Are you selling your iphone to get an ipad? this is what happend to me by doing so. I recently sold my iPhone 3G to lexus_lover on ebay iPhone 3G, 8GB, Jailbroken, Unlocked MINT ONE DAY ONLY - eBay (item 320510443747 end time...
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    First Engraved iPad

    I don't know if I'm the first who engraved the iPad but, I own a laser machine and decided to add the logo of my business to my iPad. (I don't offer this service sorry) I just want ot share how is done and how it will look like. Here is the video, it will show up soon it's still processing...