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  1. Z

    Gorilla Glass

    I've tried screen protectors on my phones and I've hated them. As a result I don't use them. I've been lucky and I've never scratched one. I got an ipad3 and immediately purchased the otterbox defender. Yes, the screen protector degrades the quality of the screen, but I view the ipad as a...
  2. Z

    Can an ipad get a virus?

    This really seems like a silly thread. Of course an ipad can get a virus. The real question is what are the odds of an ipad getting a virus? At this time, very low.
  3. Z

    Apple being sued for price fixing

    Based on the most recently available information, DOJ wins 95% of the civil cases it brings. The formatting kinda sucks below, but the full report can be found at HTTP:// Click "2010 Annual Statistical Report." United States Attorneys' Annual Statistical Report Fiscal...
  4. Z

    Paper Towel

    So, its still unconfirmed. I was actually curious whether or not either Apple or Corning had said something I missed. All I know is that its a fantastic and durable screen.
  5. Z

    Paper Towel

    Any actual confirmation? Googling just comes up with a number of gorilla glass rumors for the new ipad.
  6. Z

    Apple being sued for price fixing

    Agreed. DOJ files suits that are, first, relevant or important to a large segment of the populace, and, second, after they have done a ridiculous amount of background work to convince themselves they have a 95% + chance of prevailing. They don't file frivolous suits.
  7. Z

    Paper Towel

    Unless I'm completely mistaken, ipads do not have gorilla glass. They are fairly scratch resistant though. Paper towels are never ideal for screen cleaning, but you aren't really going to harm the scream unless there was something on the paper towel or the screen to rub around and scratch it.
  8. Z

    New iPad 3 user - the most frustrating 7 hours of my life.......

    For the OP: I love my ipad 3/new ipad. Fantastic amount of fun. That being said, all apple products are completely handicapped in some ways. What you can do, you can do really well. What you can't do, you can't do. It is a completely claustrophobic environment. It is built to do what apple has...