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  1. iPad911

    iPod Thefts vs. iPad Thefts

    Well ipods you can just put in your pocket and no one will know but where would you hide a iPad without anyone seeing it But idk i could be wrong.
  2. iPad911

    Livebuster for ipad

    Does anyone know how to make livebuster work for ipads? Or any other way to watch flash videos on the iPad
  3. iPad911

    facebook dont work on my ipad???

    thats the thing iv been connected to maybe 15 routers and it still dont work and im not even using a netgear router.
  4. iPad911

    facebook dont work on my ipad???

    hey guys for some reason when i go to it says "website blocked by netgear firewall" but i dont even use a netgear router i tried to go on facebook from diffrent locations with diffrent routers and i tried to reset network settings still dont work can anyone please help me.
  5. iPad911

    Cannot connect to YouTube

    i fixed it the time and date was wrong on my ipad now it works.
  6. iPad911

    Cannot connect to YouTube

    i restored the ipad still YouTube App is not working when the app turns on it says cannot connect to youtube please someone helpp
  7. iPad911

    Cannot connect to YouTube

    thats what im saying the youtube app dont work for me it happend today. when i click on the youtube icon it opens up the app then it says connect connect to youtube. im restoring the ipad now will see how it goes.
  8. iPad911

    Cannot connect to YouTube

    Having a problem connecting to YouTube on my iPad can anyone help?
  9. iPad911

    Apple iPad Caught Running Super Nintendo Emulator

    i cant wait till just jailbreak comes out i hope there will be something like installus for the ipad.
  10. iPad911

    iPad Screen Scatch Test

    not sure havent seen any tests yet.
  11. iPad911


  12. iPad911

    converting movies for ipad...

    so i got some blueray movies on my computer (MKV FILES) anyone know how to convert it for the ipad with the right format and resolution size? and what kind of software i case use?
  13. iPad911

    Netflix is amazing!

    if my friend gives me his user and password for netflix can i use his account on my ipad?
  14. iPad911

    Happy I got a 64 GB IPad!!

    i went with the 64gb just in case.
  15. iPad911

    Can't delete notification icon on AIM app.

    i have the same problem idk how to get rid of it pisses me off.
  16. iPad911

    Skooba iPad messenger bag ROCKS!

    that thing looks huge lol
  17. iPad911

    How Are You Holding Your iPad?

    lol this is funny i guess i need to buy a cat now.
  18. iPad911

    Multi-Tasking This Summer

    i thought the 4.0 update is gonna be only on the iphone/itouch. no?
  19. iPad911

    First scratch!

    i found a nice hard rubber black case on ebay its $35 well worth it. i still got my plastic on the ipad.
  20. iPad911

    Apple Ipad Class

    cant wait to hear what they tell u.
  21. iPad911

    Why go I get "Not Charging" when the iPad is plugged in to PC's USB?

    thank g-d this is normal cuz i thought something was wrong with my ipad. but it took a long time for me to charge my ipad with the wall adatar i charged only one time and it took about 5 hours to fully charge. is that normal?
  22. iPad911

    Hello everyone

    Hi people just bought my new ipad 64GB yestorday so far i love it. looking to stay here and post and learn new stuff.