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    Photo stream isn't working

    So I went to NYC this weekend I took a bunch of pictures with my iPhone I have I cloud set up on both my iPad and iPhone and photo stream on, but why isn't the photos I took with my iPhone not downloading to iPad can anyone help me out
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    What should I do

    So I'm just starting this thread curios to know who's has backlight bleeding and if it's okay. I went through two iPads already and all of them had light bleeding just got another and it still does plus a yellowish screen so I'm thinking about just keeping mine and just sending back my...
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    Is backlight bleeding normal

    So i just got my ipad and i have backlight bleeding its not to noticeable im just wondering if every ipad is like this
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    Where is my apple plus care

    So i pre orderred the 64gbblack ipad with apple case and a smart cover,just got them from fed ex but i got no reciept slip and where is the apple care is there something i get with it im very confused??
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    How to transfer photos from laptop to Ipad

    Higuys so this is my first ipad and i am wondering how do i transfer all my photos from my laptop to my ipad.
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    Screen protector or not?

    So this is going to be my first ipad and im wondering if i should put a screen protector on the front and back?? If so what are good screen protectors to buy?