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    Changing contacts from on Contacts Group to another

    I use on my iPad the standard app Contacts. I put all my contacts in one group, but now I want to separate my private contacts from my business contact. How can I move one contact from another?
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    Move contacts within groups

    I have different groups in my contacts app. How can I move a contact from one group to another?
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    Contacts app

    Is it possible with the built-in app CONTACTS to: - move a contact from one group to another - duplicate a contact?
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    Installed apps

    If I look at the usage of the memory of the iPad I see that half of the capacity is being used by apps. Is there a possibility to see details which app uses how much memory?
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    New Music player on IPad 2 and lyrics

    I discovered that with the latest update of ipad software the original music player, that supported lyrics display, was replaced by a new version. Does the new player support lyrics display? If not, can one put back the original player?