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    4.2 When?

    I have been out of the loop on the iPad updates,  news, etc. Do we have a date of when we will see ios4.2 for iPad? I thought I heard something this summer saying "Fall" or November? Thanks.
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    Oprah Reveals her Favourite iPad Apps

    couldn't have said it better myself.:)
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    Got this from an apple discussion forum. Incase anyone else was bothered by this.... Made a folder on desktop called epubcopies-put the epubs in. Ran terminal on Mac... "I've saved the script into a file: - just download the file, save it in your "epubcopies"...
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    What I don't understand is that iTunes sees the imported ePub file as a book. I can turn pages, change fonts, do everything else except use the dictionary. I don't see any difference in a book I purchase vrs. a book I import into iTunes. That's the part that bugs me.
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    This won't function the way it works in iBooks right? Sorta defeats the purpose. I would have to copy word, exit iBooks, open dictionary app, paste word, "oh, that's what it means..." close dictionary app, re-launch iBooks to get back to reading. I would rather highlight word, click...
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    No, I am importing an ePub book, but it still does not work.... ePub was made via Calibre or from a torrent.
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    Need a texting app

    Would google voice work? Sign up for GV with your current #, then you can text from the web, and when not signed in via the iPad, have the text push to your cell phone-assuming you have unlimited texts on that plan.
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    I love how you can look up a word in iBooks. The problem I am having is if I import my own books, via PDF to epub the dictionary does not recognize anything, and I get that it does not support this language. Does anyone have a solution? All books purchased from the iBooks store work fine, it's...
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    Hawaii Republican Rep. Makes History Using iPad For Speech

    Way to go Djou! Make Hawaii Proud.
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    Digital Magazine Readership Survey Finds that Digital Readership is Expanding Fast

    sometimes it is a lot easier to have a physical magazine than a digital one. I would rather throw a magazine in my back-pac when headed to the beach than bring my iPad. I also think if you have a subscription to the physical mag, the company should offer you a digital copy as well.
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    WritePad 4.0 Now Available for iPad

    I wish there was a "lite" version that you could try before dropping $10. Maybe something with a watermark, just to see if it would recognize your handwriting over a short bit of time...
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    Will you buy 2nd gen?

    I was thinking the same thing!
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    New Hard Cases Available at!

    Thanks. Love the customer support! I'll need to check out the new stuff.
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    Am I the only one sad enough .....

    No screen protector here, since day 1 of wifi launch. Moves from apple case to naked, and into a neoprene sleeve. I use the screen cleaner thing that came with the MacBook or iMacs. Works great.
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    First Regent Street iPad buyer!!

    I actually have found the apple case to be very good at what it is designed to do. I bought different ones, but find myself going back to the apple case when taking the iPad out in public. Very thin and makes the perfect stand to type on while out at a coffee shop. If you keep it locked up at...
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    Playing Music Videos Continuously

    I have a bunch of music videos. I want them to play continuously. As of now, it stops after each one, and you have to go back to the playlist to pick another one. Does anyone have or know how to work around this problem? Is it because they play from the video app instead of through iPod like...
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    Wondershare Launches DVD/Video to iPad Converter

    What settings do you all use in handbrake for your iPad movies? Just the normal iPhone settings? Thanks.
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    Got my soft gel case from CIMO!

    Ya, I cannot plug mine in with the case on either, or headphones. $15 mistake I guess. My sis bought the incase one from apple, and it is a bit bulkier, but holes are cut perfect. I should have returned it when I had the chance.
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    At&t Hotspot

    I think so... Read the top paragraph, Apple - iPad - Stay connected everywhere you go. Don't know if wifi will work at SBux without a 3G plan.
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    At&t Hotspot

    You need a login and password from your starbucks card. It's not free, like the iPhone. If it is a 3G iPad, then it would be free.
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    Got my soft gel case from CIMO!

    Got the exact one as well. It is a pain to get on, and I cannot plug in my dock connector through the cut-out, I end up pulling the case partially off to plug in. Solid feel, and it keeps the iPad nice and compact. Not so worried about it slipping out of my hands. I may order the silicone...
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    Netflix is amazing!

    You can. I can stream on PS3, MacBook, iPad, and my dad's iPad all at the same time, watching different things. It's awesome.
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    WiFi Owners!!!

    Love it better than expected.
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    iPad in the Public

    Was in a local restaurant, no case, cover, etc. Naked iPad. Waitress was the only one who asked about it. Got a better response at church this morning. Everyone wanted to see, touch, etc. "nope, get your own."
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    New iPad Accessories Available from the Apple Store

    What stand is that? From Apple? That would be something useful.
  26. I Launches new Guided Tour Videos for the iPad

    Watched most of them, can't wait until Saturday when I have my own in hand!
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    At&t Hotspot

    Is there any documentation that says the iPad wifi only version will not work for free at the At&t hotspot locations, ie. Starbucks? Even if I have the 3G iPad, but do not have the service activated, how will the hotspot know it is an iPad. I know I can walk into a Sbux with my iPhone, and it...
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    Using the iPad to Update Web site

    Oh man, iWeb would be awesome on the iPad.
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    Is 16gb enough?

    I'm with Lisa. I have about 3gb left on my 16gb 3GS, so I too went with the 16gb wifi only iPad. I'm sure that will be plenty for surfing online, and email, maybe a couple of Ebooks.
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    Official iPad Owners List

    Got mine reserved. Wondering if I should just order it to avoid the line? :p
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    iKit introduces new Leather iPad Sleeve

    Found a similar looking case, but neoprene, from Ross yesterday, $9. I bought it, and hope my iPad will fit (it's made for a netbook). If if fits, score, if not, oh well, I'll just take it back.
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    Wireless Flash Drive

    This thing looks great. I wonder how long the battery lasts, and how much your iphone/ipad will drain by streaming a movie.
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    Check out this case

    I do like the gel ones. I have a hard shell, really thin case on my 3GS, no screen protector. I'll probably have something like that on my iPad. April 3rd, cannot get here soon enough. :)
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    What accessory do you think you will need

    Looking forward to all the third party accessories to be out on April 3. A dock for sure, probably a bluetooth keyboard vrs. the dock keyboard.
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    Plan on getting a Zagg Invisibleshield for your iPad?

    The 3G screen was a lot more scratch resistant than the 3GS, I am pretty sure the iPad will have the same oleophobic coating, which is a bit more prone to scratches than the original 3G. I am not sure about the Zagg, but I guess we'll see. Not bad for $35.