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    Anyone here with poor eye sight?

    My eye site is not all that great, I have a very difficult time reading, I set my iPad & iPhone to read to me. This helps me a great deal. I Simply plug in my head sets and relax, or do dishes, while enjoying a book or taking a lesson.
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    Good Evening Everyone

    Hi, I'm new in here, this seems like the best way to begin :). A friend of mine won the iPad, didn't want it, so I bought it from him [He is a Mac-Hater] How can we be friends??? Well ... Like Politics, and Religion, we don't talk about it ... LOL I now LUV my iPad! I have an entire...
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    Sketch artists' use of the iPad

    That is Beautiful :)
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    Sketch artists' use of the iPad

    iPad for sketching I started using iPad in November, at first I did not like sketching on it at all. All my sketchings looked terrible! However, as I got used to it, I became better at what pressure to use, etc. Now, I luv it! It's so much easier to carrie around! the more I practice, the...