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  1. Sargon

    iPad 2 will not back up

    I just acquired a new iPad pro and am trying to transfer all my apps, etc to it from my iPad 2. The problem is that my iPad 2 will not back up. I am running Windows 10 and am trying to backup the iPad 2 so I can "restore" to the new iPad pro. I have tried the iCloud backup but nothing...
  2. Sargon


    I suddenly started getting pop-ups in Safari called Safari-Alert. The pop-up refers to a website and provides a 1-800 number to call to fix the problem Since this is clearly a scam can anybody tell me how to get rid of this and clean it out myself. I tried searching the forums but come up...
  3. Sargon

    What's Better - iPad with 64 GB or 32GB plus AirStash

    Looking at options and was wondering whether it is better to buy iPad with 64 GB or iPad with 32GB and use difference to buy AirStash? Ideally I would prefer the 64GB but budget is tight and want to know if overall I am better off witht he AirStash or something else that acts like an easily...
  4. Sargon

    New Member 2

    Been reading the forum for a while and decided to post my question. I am contemplating purchasing an iPad or Android tablet but have a specific primary purpose - to get away from paper. All the other things are bonuses. I am really looking to use it for taking lecture and meeting notes. I...
  5. Sargon

    Trying to Get away from paper

    I am contemplating purchasing a tablet, either a new iPad or the soon to be released Asus Transformer 700. The decision will mostly be driven by the best application to suit my intent. I want to get away from piles of paper with notes and scribles and be able to sort and save in a nice easily...