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    Several years ago you advised me on how to get images to iCloud on my iPad. Now I need help on getting images out of gmails and into PHOTOS. I used the tap and save method and was successful in moving almost 100 pictures but the last 60 will not budge. It seems there are two messages about...
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    Extra Photo Albums

    I recently noticed that I have 6 extra photo albums on my iPad. All of the extra albums contain pictures that already exist in their proper original albums. These extra albums have been given names from other different photo folders on my PC. Each of the new folders has two pictures showing...
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    Photos to Icloud

    I am running version 9.3.4 on my iPad. Apparently my iPad is no longer able to get updates in software. Can you give me step by step instructions for backing up my iPad to iCloud without using iTunes. When I attempted a backup I got a message that iTunes would delete 165 pictures. I don't...
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    Age and Model of iPad

    I know I've had my ipad at least since 2012. How do I find out how old it is and whether it is iPad 1 or iPad 2. Thank you
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    Which iPad do I have

    Before I can post my question to the correct forum I need to find out which model iPad I have. It is either one or two. How do I know the difference?
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    While attempting to charge and sync my iPod I received the message that 167 songs could not sync. After identifying the songs I checked and they are all functioning properly on my iPod. However, they cannot be found on my computer. All the information is there but the actual musical file...
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    Is it possible to use my iPad to send a note from a page in OneNote to another person via message or e-mail? If yes, how do I do it? I don't want to share the whole notebook just a small piece of information.
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    Computer name affecting files on iPad

    I just tried to make a change to an Excel spreadsheet residing on One Drive. The file was originally authored by me on my computer. My computer user name has been changed and now I can't make changes from my iPad. The error message said "File not saved - file updated by another author". Must...
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    Excel on iPad

    I hope this is the right place for this post. I have saved an excel file to sky drive. When I try to open it on my iPad I get a message that due to unsupported features we can not open this file. It then notes "watch window" as the problem. It asks if I want to open in Excel instead. If I...
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    iPad and cellular data

    I hope this is the correct place for my question. If not please redirect me. During the recent power outage I realized that if I signed up for cellular data access I would be able to communicate with the world in some manner. However, I feel that I do not really understand what I am doing...
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    Attaching Stylus to iPad

    Has anyone figured out a nice neat way to attach a stylus to the iPad so it is always with you? My stylus has a loop on the end that could be used for something like that if I could figure out what to use and how to be able to detach it as needed. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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    "New Event" in Calendar on iPad

    I am new to iPad. I have just set up the calendar and would like to know if I can delete all the "new Event" notices that appear on the calendar every Saturday at midnight. They annoy me just be being there. Thank you for any responses