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  1. maxtwo

    Ipad forum

    This was a grate site now ruined ! I won't be back good bye.
  2. maxtwo

    App store keeps opening

    I have had this happen ware you don't touch anything and you go to App Store .iIt was all ways for a game.And only from this site.I cleared safari history and cookies and restarted ipad and that stopped it.
  3. maxtwo

    Weird email from apple

    I have had an email like that every time I have had a new device.if it was not apple some one else is very well informed on when I buy new phones and iPads .
  4. maxtwo

    BBC player refuses to play radio programmes!!

    After reading your problem I looked at my BBC player and it had a notice on it telling me they have moved radio to BBC radio player and down load the new app.
  5. maxtwo


    I have ipad air no crashing in Safari but I get crashing in ebay and real racing.
  6. maxtwo

    Question about buying a Wi-Fi + Cellular model vs. specific carrier option

    I had not used my cellular part of my ipad in 18 months but last month on Holliday it was worth every I bought the same again to day on my up date to ipad air.
  7. maxtwo

    Trouble downloading Bonzuna

    Itv player might be option am away from home in rural thailand with internet speed of 0.14 so cannot check for you.
  8. maxtwo

    Who's getting an iPad Air?

    Iam replacing my ipad3.with a silver ipad air my Maine resin is to get rid of the old 30 pin connector.And why have we gone off you sing generation is it because IPad air is cool and new ipad a bit naff?
  9. maxtwo

    Ios update

    Hi alex101 I upgraded as soon as I could iphone 5 was no problem but ipad 3 would not go tried five times but think it was to much traffic on server When it was done had problems so had to back up and reinstall on iTunes .Now i'am on I think I liked old one better but i think you have to do it...
  10. maxtwo

    Upgrading To Ipad Air

    Yes I meant shame not sham teach me to check before I send.
  11. maxtwo

    Upgrading To Ipad Air

    No fingerprint which is a sham.
  12. maxtwo

    Ipad air 4g

    Is the ipad air with 4g being released later than ipad wi fi only.As happened with ipad 4 as I was looking on apple store in uk no price for 4g just wi fi.
  13. maxtwo

    What is this

    I tried in Safari on ebay touch a picture and it appears.Then touch t he button and it takes you to the top of the Paige .
  14. maxtwo

    iPad usb to tv

    Go on then wast your money trying to get sky from your ipad to your tv
  15. maxtwo

    iPad usb to tv

    Do you pay sky or does your mate if your mate the ipad use is for him not to share
  16. maxtwo

    iPad usb to tv

    That is what they are trying to stop you watching sky on some one else's id.their is a link missing that stops you going ipad to tv.what you are doing is piracy and will get you ban on here.
  17. maxtwo

    iPad usb to tv

    You can't steam any sky channels from an ipad it's to stop you getting round subscription .
  18. maxtwo

    Ipad search problem

    I have same thing and it is an iphone app
  19. maxtwo

    Can't login t facetime & imessage after iOS7 update

    I had this plus my ipad woud not show up on find my iphone did all the usual but no good so had to do back up and restore that did the trick.
  20. maxtwo

    Empty app cache IOS 7 ?

    Double click home button and swipe up on the Paige above the icon.
  21. maxtwo

    Anyone have an IPAD screen break from being in a hot car?

    There is a you tube film ware they freeze an ipad then put in hot oven and it still works after a dip in a fish tank.
  22. maxtwo

    I can't get started with this ipad2.

    You can go to free classes at your local apple store.
  23. maxtwo

    Mail app problem

    I had same last night on ipad and iphone but ok now.
  24. maxtwo

    App update issue.

    I had this some time ago apps were updating on my iphone 5 but just the red badge on my ipad 3.then about a week later they all just showed up and up dated.
  25. maxtwo

    Garmin forerunner 305 data download to ipad 2

    Have a look at cyclemeter which I youse on iphone 5 and ipad 3.And look at the wahoo fitness app which has a garman option .
  26. maxtwo

    Help with a Gift Code please

    I have a print out it is headed iTunes Store Associating a device or computer to your apple Id so if you search this you will find it
  27. maxtwo

    Help with a Gift Code please

    Once you enter an id on an ios device on 6.1.3 you are stuck their for 90 days as told to me in the apple store once they researched it even they didn't no till they checked .
  28. maxtwo

    Help with a Gift Code please

    I gave away iphone before I un locked they had trouble unlocking and gave back to me to unlock which I did buy putting my id back in .But then cud not put in their id so tuck to apple store huge say same as you till they looked at it and checked on their system.
  29. maxtwo

    Help with a Gift Code please

    Serch associating a device or computer to your apple id.
  30. maxtwo

    Help with a Gift Code please

    You have to put another id into your ipad or iphone to enter the other country's store at which point you would be locked out of your mane store for 90 days.
  31. maxtwo

    Help with a Gift Code please

    iTunes state you can only change Id every 90 days?
  32. maxtwo

    Debit card

    They wouldn't take my debit card from Lloyds uk.
  33. maxtwo

    What does everyone use to clean their ipads screen?

    I youse same method !
  34. maxtwo

    6.1.2 Available

    Just done it on iphone 4&5 & ipad 3
  35. maxtwo

    Can't get jailbroken

    Yes you are right it is for 6.1 but it says better one on Sunday .
  36. maxtwo

    Can't get jailbroken

    As far as I no the jailbreak is for 6.0.1
  37. maxtwo

    Can't get jailbroken

    If you wanted to jailbreak you should not have up dated to 6.1
  38. maxtwo

    Which cellular sim card in uk

    You can switch it off.I don't switch mine on much can usually use bt hotspot.
  39. maxtwo

    Which cellular sim card in uk

    Does your phone have good service every ware you want to use it if so stick with what you no.
  40. maxtwo

    Which cellular sim card in uk

    I don't think it is a nano sim in ipad 4.