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    Lack of iPad Accessories?

    Wow we are all into instant gratification, are we not ? the ipad has only been out for 1 month. Give it some time. They have sold over 1 million iPad's. The accessory's will come, in time. My $.02 CW
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    Really nice carry bag for Ipad!!

    I picked up a bag at REI the other day. It works great if all you want to carry is the iPad and a few lil things. REI Tech Wrap Laptop Sleeve - X Small at
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    Cleaning the screen

    I use a micro fiber cloth I got with a tablet pc years ago, it works great. You can pick up simular things at any BestBuy or any electronics store. I have also, in a pinch, used the cloth that came with my glasses. My $.02 CW
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    ipad sleeve

    If you are looking for a leather sleeve, Saddleback leather now has one for the iPad. I haven't bought this yet, but I do have one of their briefcases, and I love it. Fine quality work. They are a bit more expensive than other sleeves, but I am sure it will out last them by many years. Here is...
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    In Need of the PERFECT Case - For Business

    If your looking for a nice leather sleeve, Saddleback leather now has a sleeeve for the iPad. Large Gadget Pouch - Leather iPad Sleeve & Document Sleeve : SaddlebackLeather Company I have bought products from them in the past,and they make WONDERFUL stuff. CW