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  1. RandyM

    After what I saw yesterday I'm so glad I have a Otterbox case for my ipad 2

    11/29/2011 at 6:15p.m. EST.... get off the train at the station in my home town with several other commuters and as I'm walking toward the platform stairs to head to my car I see this guy completely destroy his ipad. He had a briefcase under one arm and a bluetooth headphone in his ear and was...
  2. RandyM

    Hello, I'm Randy Monroe

    Hello all fellow iPad owners.. I'm Randy and I live in Fairfield County Connecticut. I use my iPad 2 for work and recreation, I work for a large law firm in Connecicut. My biggest hobby is Astronomy and use the many of the Astronomy apps. I joined for assistance in buying accessories for my...