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  1. J

    for ipad3

    I doubt seriously if it will be released anytime soon. Just enjoy your new ipad and dont listen to any of the rumors about soon to be releases.
  2. J

    Returning Ipad possibley for Samsung Gallery Tab due to no adobe cannot watch CW show

    Get Splashtop or iSwifter from app store and u won't have to worry about not having flash ever again.
  3. J

    Safari keeps randomly closing now after updating to iOS5

    It's also happening with The dolphin browser for me as well
  4. J

    Who has tried AirPlay Mirroring?

    Hey poser, I bought it mostly to stream Netflix from my iPad 2 over wifi. My Internet connection is plenty fast enough. I also have Netflix on my ps3 and Xbox but Xbox also does not have subtitles which is why I was hoping either the apple tv itself would have them. Sometimes the streaming is...
  5. J

    Who has tried AirPlay Mirroring?

    Yes Netflix does look good DIRECTLY off Apple TV but doesn't have subtitles and my wife needs that option. My Internet speed is 50mb/s so if that's not fast enough for streaming then the apple tv device was a VERY poorly designed product indeed!
  6. J

    Who has tried AirPlay Mirroring?

    Netflix looks like crap on it. My apple Tv is going back to Best Buy this week. Total waste of money for me.
  7. J

    iOS 5 mirroring

    Is it just me or does mirroring with apple tv look like crap compared to the hdmi adapter? Totally not worth the price in my opinion.
  8. J

    Air play icon missing

    It only shows up on mine if I have apple tv up and running on the network at same time.
  9. J

    Ipad 2 build quality

    If you have had five in a row with the same problem as you stated dont you think that the problem is with how you "perceive" it to be? You honestly think you just happended to pick up 5 in a row with the same defect. The odds of that would be 1 in billions if it were a true defect. What you...
  10. J

    Ipad 2 build quality

    I think you may be better off spending a few bucks on a psychiatrist;-)
  11. J

    Seagate GoFlex wifi Satellite external hard drive

    I had one for a couple of weeks and ended up returning it. It worked OK for movies but wasnt worth the nearly $200 in my opinion. A lot of the negative reviews I read were true. Cons: 1. It was slow populating thumbnails EVERY time you turn it on 2. The file system is as bad as everyone...