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    What is the best device for recording and producing music?

    Hi everybody. I'm trying to decide whether to buy an iPad mini or a Mac. I'd like to record my songs and possibly produce them using Apple software. Any suggestions? Also, do any of you Voiceover users know how to successfully use iRig recorder?
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    I have a doubt for buying iPad 4

    Does anyone know how this iPad 5 will be different from an iPad 4 or mini? I was thinking about getting the mini for my birthday next week, but if the 5 will be better, should I wait? The reason I like the mini is because I am going for less expensive and light weight.
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    iPad in College?

    I'm thinking about going to college as a music major. Would an iPad be a useful tool? For those of you who use their iPads in college, what do you primarily use them for?
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    Food anyone?

    Have any of you ever baked cake mix cookies? I have, and found that chocolate cake mix cookies with no additives such as chocolate chips or icing are the best.
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    I hope you do not mind me asking this, but are you visually impaired? I'm asking because I am visually impaired and I have many blind and visually impaired friends who use Siri.
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    Already addicted!!!

    Hey everybody. I'm new today and can't get off this app! I've been wanting to discover something like this for a long time!
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    Name a Pet Peeve!

    Two pet peeves: I do not like that pesky land scape orientation on my iPod touch fourth generation. It's hard to text when the orientation keeps switching on me. Also, I want an iPhone and cannot pay for it, so I am annoyed.
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    How many of you people are Siri users?
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    Anyone here with poor eye sight?

    Voiceover works very well on the iPad. I think sheee would do well with it. I am visually impaired and have worked with other blind users of iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches, and have been able to help them out. Any more questions? You can ask in this discussion, or maybe message me personally.
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    I need help to decide wihich ipad

    The kind of iPad you choose depends on what you want. Do you want a bigger screen? You should get the newest iPad with retina display. If you want something lighter and less expensive, however, I'd go with the mini.
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    iPad Mini with phone

    You can either carry around your iPhone with all your apps to it. You can also download a free texting/calling app called Text Me V2 to your iPad to turn it into a type of phone although Text Me does use Internet or data plan.
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    LifeProof case for the iPad mini

    Awesome!!! I've thought about getting the mini. What does this case look like? Is it the same thing as a smart case?