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  1. darkangelwitch

    Battery problems - at a loss what to do

    I have an iPad Air (had it about 2 years) and recently the battery has been draining really fast but not only that, when I plug it in to charge it is suddenly draining to 0% and obviously shutting down. It is not the cable, I have tried 3 with the same result. If anyone has any ideas please...
  2. darkangelwitch

    iPad Air - Contacts app crashing

    HELP - the Contacts app keeps crashing, when I select it, it flashes open then closes. I have closed all the apps running and done a reboot to no avail Anyone got any ideas? If it was a downloaded app I would delete it and reinstall but it's not so I am stuck
  3. darkangelwitch

    iPad (3) and Android Colornote

    I have given hubby my iPad 3 but have a little problem. He has an android phone with the Colornote app which backs up to his gmail account. Unfortunately it does not appear we can pick up the notes on the iPad - any ideas? His contacts download from gmail to the iPad no problem but I think...
  4. darkangelwitch

    Changing from ipad 3 to ipad Air

    ok, daft questions time I have an iPad 3 which is backed up on my PC. I will be getting an iPad Air this week and giving the iPad 3 to my technophobe husband Question 1 - when I get the new iPad do I use the PC backup to put everything on it? Question 2 - how do I use the PC to back up two...
  5. darkangelwitch

    Email probleson iOS8

    Ever since the update my email app will not pull down my emails - I have tried changing from Push/Fetch/Manual to no avail. Rebooted ipad - still nothing. I know I have emails as I logged in via the internet but my app will not pull them down to my ipad. Anyone got any ideas?
  6. darkangelwitch

    Videos not deleting

    I have 4 videos on my ipad that I have uploaded to the cloud and want to delete from my ipad but for some reason when I select the delete bin does not work. Anyone got any ideas? :)
  7. darkangelwitch

    Virgin TV Anywhere app

    Is anyone using the Virgin TV Anywhere app. I cannot get it to connect to my Tivo box. I have followed all the instructions from Virgin and read numerous forums to no avail. My network is connected to the Tivo box by Ethernet cable as required and even though it clearly knows there is a Tivo...
  8. darkangelwitch

    Safari help please

    Anyone got an idea how I get rid of the 118 118 app ad? I have tried clicking the little x but to no avail!
  9. darkangelwitch

    Security bug

    Don't know if anyone else has seen this but there appears to be a security bug with the control panel.
  10. darkangelwitch

    O2 VOIP app

    Just downloaded the new O2 VoIP app and I love it. If you are like me and only have the wifi iPad it lets you use your mobile phone contract on the iPad for phone calls and text so I guess I will be using text more now hehehe. It only works for monthly contact at the moment and you can't send...
  11. darkangelwitch

    AppStore connection?

    Anyone else in the uk having a problem connecting to the AppStore? It's not my wireless connection as everything else connects fine, just the AppStore keeps giving me this error..... Dark Angelwitch (Surrey)
  12. darkangelwitch

    National Anthems

    It really peeked my interest, why do we only sing the first verse of our national anthem (probably coz we don know all the words because they are so rarely used) This is our anthem in its entirety, would be interesting to see yours so lets have some fun and try so sing each others anthems in...
  13. darkangelwitch

    How do i complain and get my money back

    Game on the app store appears to completely misrepresented itself. How do I go about reporting it and also how can I try to get my money back. The first picture is what is shown on the app store and looks like the sort of puzzle games I really enjoy but the second picture shows what you...
  14. darkangelwitch

    IPF App a bit weird

    This only started happening recently. When I go to look at a persons bio there is a large white block across the screen and I can't get rid of it. Already force closed all running apps, turned off iPad and turned on again but it is still there :( Any advice would be welcome. Apologies...
  15. darkangelwitch

    IPF App help please

    All of a sudden this morning I started getting emails to threads I had subscribed to (never got them before) so I went into settings to see if there was anything in there to change......nothing. So I then decided to look at the Help section under "More" and all I got was a blank white screen...
  16. darkangelwitch

    Tin tin game

    Ones anyone know of any games like Tin Tin? I love these kind of games that have a story line and lots of puzzles to work out but I absolutely hate the ones where you have to constantly find objects such as the Big Fish Ones. If anyone knows of any games like Tin Tin please let me know :)...
  17. darkangelwitch

    New iPad3 owner

    Hi there, I am a new iPad3 wifi only owner (it was a gift) and I just had to sign up to this forum after finding the answer on here on how to turn my android mobile phone into a wifi hotspot. I can now use my iPad3 when I am out and about - AWESOME