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  1. K

    back button

    I was given an Ipad2 for Father's Day, and love it. One problem: When I am in my email and click on a link and then hit the back button to get back to my email,it takes me instead to my wife's email, which is on a different server than mine. Can anyone tell me how to correct this? Thank you.
  2. K


    I enjoy and want to continue with the Forum, but I am no longer new (and I submitted an introductory post), so Please stop sending me those requests for a new thread. Thank you. P.S., I do have a question. How do I get rid of ads, particularly those from FB Marketing, that appear on my...
  3. K

    I can still learn.

    My name is Ken. I am a senior user of Ipad2. My adult kids gave it to my wife and me. We love it. Plan to spend some time in this forum, as I know I will have lots of questions as I use my new "gadget."