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  1. ED_OG

    Imei confidentiality.

    I was recently considering selling my iPad mini. When I came across someone who is interested in purchasing it. My iPad is not stolen, And this person of course wanted to make sure of that. Which brings me to the next point. I did not give him my Imei # Because I thought it would be a bad...
  2. ED_OG

    Cydia and jail breaking apps functions.

    Hi just a quick question, if I jail break my mini will I be able to watch flash content on YouTube ? Is there a an app out there that allows one to do so?
  3. ED_OG

    phone bluetooth to ipad mini, is it possible to share web connection?

    I am curious to know if I can share my Internet connection from my cell phone to my iPad mini using Bluetooth. i know it may be slow and not ideal but I want to utilize it as an option thanks. Go team ipadFORUM.NET!!!!
  4. ED_OG

    if i root my ipad mini is there a way to get it to run flash player media?

    hi guys, i recently come up on my ipad mini. and its pretty dope but kinda limited when it come to my streaming video needs. so i wantd to ask you geniuses if, i were to break my mini is there an app out there that will allow me to stream my favorite sporting events via the web, in the flash...
  5. ED_OG

    no sound on certain games

    I just downloaded a couple fighter jet games. Granted they are the free versions, but when I play them there's no sound. Now I am new to Apple so it's this part of the learning curve? That Free games don't come with sound. Just wanted to get your insights. Thanks
  6. ED_OG

    Is there a browser app that will allow you to accesses websites in desktop mode.

    Hello I wanted to know if there were apps for the ipad that allow you to browse sites in desk top mode. Often times we get rejected by a site that don't allow access to their content when they detect your on a mobile device. I wanna by pass that and switch to their desktop version with our...
  7. ED_OG

    Flash player integration with browser

    I'm relatively new to apple so bear with me. But as a former slave to PC platforms, I wanted to ask about adobe flash player. I know it's outdated and kinda costly on battery life but I still like having it because there's a lot of content out there that users have formatted their media in ADB...
  8. ED_OG

    User poll. What's you favorite app?

    I'm new to apple, I mean I don't know where to begin with getting it to be the bad ass system you apple die hards have them so I'm asking for your favorite apps so I can get ideas of what to get when I finally visit the App Store thanks!
  9. ED_OG

    Multiple browsers open?

    Quick question for all you Apple geniuses, Is there a way to simultaneously have two browsers open? I haven't jailbroken my iPad yet but I'm down to do it if it means I can stream with one browser and check my mail with another and so forth. Thanks looking forward to your feedback.
  10. ED_OG

    I'm totally new to Apple! Looking for help from the O.G's! Apple 101.

    Hello everyone thanks for reading my post. No I haven't been living under a rock like some of you may suspect. :) I've just been raised on the PC platform like so many other users. Recently I came up on an iPad mini. I'm excited to see what it can do. But since I'm not too familiar with...