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  1. EODtech

    How to convert among AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV to iPad

    i don't have my notes with me, have you tried Handbrake?
  2. EODtech

    I have router and a Ethernet bale hooked to Internet I need wifi access

    I have router and Ethernet cable hooked to Internet I need wifi access I need to find a WiFi device to hook to an Ethernet cable coming from a port in the rear of a router. The company won't turn on a wifi connection. Need to bring my own wifi to hook up to the Ethernet cable from the router so...
  3. EODtech

    Question about trading in my 16GB for 32/64GB

    I sold my black iPad 16GB on Craigslist in 8 hours, went to Best Buy and bought a black iPad2 32Gb. Main reason to sell was more storage and faster processor. I did have a MacBook Air but prefer the iPad2 over using the MBA.
  4. EODtech

    I'm back ......

    I sold my iPad 1 in anticipation of the iPad 2 having the higher resolution screen. I have been going crazy w/o an iPad, so I purchased an iPad 2 16GB - WiFi to settle my nerves and get productive again. An all day training class the 11th and 4 full days of training on the22nd to the 25th. Glad...
  5. EODtech

    So my iPad died...

    I had a MacBook die with in the first year. I called Apple on a Sunday the next AM I received the box, took it the same day ( Monday ) to DHL. Apple repair facility in Dallas, TX received it the 8 AM ( Tuesday ) , repaired my laptop ( no replacement laptop ) and shipped it that same day at 4 PM...
  6. EODtech


    I wish I were that lucky, just starting here and I have a few "basic" Keynote questions.. 1. Is it possible to create a Keynote presentation on my iMac and export it to my iPad or do I need the iPad Keynote application to do this ? 2. Is there a Keynote of the iPad tutorial / manual for...
  7. EODtech

    iPad suggestions

    Where on the Apple site do I make product enhancement recommendations? UPDATE - found an online form to use at
  8. EODtech

    When do you think a new iPad will come out?

    May 2011 is the best estimate, based on it's 2010 release date. With Lion scheduled for the same Spring 2011 time frame!
  9. EODtech

    Goodbye for now...

    I'll take it
  10. EODtech

    what type ipad case you got?

    +1 Otterbox Defender - great case and great protection. My working environment is rather extreme and this case is well suited for taking a beating everyday - everywhere I go, my iPad goes.
  11. EODtech

    Full Wipe On iPad?

    +1, I stopped selling on eBay a month ago after almost 13 years there. Got burned by a scammer who claimed parcel never arrived. eBay / PayPal now requires sellers to provide insurance and a signature on delivery, that can be recalled on line! If you are a seller and don't provide those 2 items...
  12. EODtech

    New MacBook Air - competition for iPad?

    Sorry mate, the new MacBook Air no longer has Adobe Flash included in 10.6.4, nor will other Macs ! Apple will stop bundling Adobe’s Flash with Mac OS X, the company confirmed Friday. The new MacBook Air , which debuted earlier in the week, is the first Flash-less system from Apple...
  13. EODtech

    GoodReader Tips

    +1 thanx for the info - GREAT piece of software.
  14. EODtech


    +1 - works 100% of the time w/o any problems or hang ups.
  15. EODtech

    Wireless Blue Tooth Mouse and Keyboard for iPad

    I use an old Palm folding bluetooth keyboard with my iPad. Doubt a mouse would work as there is no cursor / pointer on the ipad screen ??
  16. EODtech

    whats difference between mobile me and drop box

    I just purchased Mobile Me " Subscription " packages that can be used to extend your existing Mobile Me account for one year. They were on sale for $39 vs $99. They were offered on a while back
  17. EODtech

    Customer Ratings - does it affect you decision ?

    iTunes App Store lets iPad software users rate applications on a 1 to 5 star rating system. I have been using this as a guide in which applications I download. I have seen applications recommended on the forum by users and go to the App Store and it shows 5 stars is 17 and one star is 34, with...
  18. EODtech

    New iPad owner, laptop replacement/supplement

    That is exactly what my iPad is !
  19. EODtech

    New iPad owner, laptop replacement/supplement

    +1, it took me 2 hours to sell my 5 month old MacBook after receiving my 16GB WiFi iPad , AND I put $800 in my pocket !
  20. EODtech

    Play .wmv files?

    You now can stream ALL your YouTube videos directly to the iPad using VLC for the iPad which was release a couple days ago. You will also need Air Video for the iPad...
  21. EODtech

    Best Buy or Apple Store

    Apple Store ON Line because you can get a 5% discount using a Discover Credit Card. Amazon has the lowest Applecare prices that I have found.
  22. EODtech

    Apps showing at 4.34 gigs, but only 2.6 installed...?

    When I have a screen of different applications how can I " get info" about that application. ". For instance I want to know what version number I have. If I have to open the application what is the secret then to find a version number to see what I am running. TIA
  23. EODtech

    Otterbox case

    Do you have OTTERBOX QUESTIONS? Give us a call at 888.695.8820. OtterBox Mailing Address Otter Products, LLC 1 Old Town Square Suite 303 Fort Collins, CO 80524 Phone and Fax Numbers Phone: 888.695.8820 Fax: 970.493.1755
  24. EODtech

    What case do u get for your iPad?

    Plastic BACK COVER TRAY to protect the finish PADDED SLEEVE to cover and protect iPad PISTOL CASE ( open position ) to carry the iPad PISTOL CASE ( Closed position) Total Cost under US$25
  25. EODtech

    12V charging cable....OK with iPad ?

    Will a 12V DC charging cable for an iPod Touch work OK with an iPad?
  26. EODtech

    Where has my post gone?

    The "mods" appear to use the delete key with some degree of regularity on this forum. I had a post which suggested a new Forum Topic of " Deals - Bargains and Freebies " which I had suggested to a mod #1 and he thought it was a good idea, and mod #1 suggested I write a post making such a...
  27. EODtech

    iMac+iPad vs Macbook Pro

    +1 - sold my 5 month old MacBook for an iPad, I use the iPad in conjunction with my dual screen 24" iMac.
  28. EODtech

    Best note taking app for iPad

    Video = YouTube - NoteTakerHD's Channel Looks very useful
  29. EODtech

    Best note taking app for iPad

    Thanx, Ill save my $9 and continue to use Easy Notes Pro for iPad
  30. EODtech

    Lets List all the Best Free Ipad Apps!!

    Skype, enjoy sudoku daily free, NPR, eBay for iPad
  31. EODtech

    How many iPad apps are there?

    +1 - another benefit is you can mark apps you have and ones that are on your wish list
  32. EODtech

    DVD to iPad

    Air Video Streams Any Video to Your iPad, Is the Best $3 I've Spent in the App Store It played every video I threw at it including .FLV (Flash) and .MKV (Blue Ray) videos over-the-air to my iPad. Any file you have on your PC or Mac, as far as I can tell, it converts real-time (quickly) and...
  33. EODtech

    Best note taking app for iPad

    Easy Notes Pro for iPad $.99 This is not an ordinary notepad! Extremely easy to use, every possible step that can be avoided to reduce time consuming tasks that exist in similar applications. Create/Edit/Delete notes No need to select a filename Email notes as desired Full access...
  34. EODtech

    iPad camera connection kit

    iPad software to work with JPEG images ... anyone find a decent application for cropping, enhancement, adding text, etc?
  35. EODtech

    My one month review of the iPad

    Air Video Streams Any Video to Your iPad, Is the Best $3 I've Spent in the App Store Air Video will convert and stream any video on the fly, directly from your computer to your device, no matter where you are. It played every video I threw at it including .FLV (Flash) and .MKV (Blue Ray)...
  36. EODtech

    The first 48 hours with my iPad

    iPad - first impressions after 48 hours I researched the iPad on line and had a touchy - feely one hour session at Best Buy. Finding an iPad at a local retailer was not in the realm of possibility so I ordered it online from the Apple Store. I opted for the 16GB wi-fi version ( $500 ) knowing...
  37. EODtech


    Do you have an Apple headset or a party to use Skype / iPad?
  38. EODtech


    2007 Chevy Avalanche
  39. EODtech

    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    Replace my MacBook
  40. EODtech

    Anyone sold their iPad to upgrade to a different model ?

    I ordered a 16GB WiFi to see how I like it. With the demand for them to extend to September, as noted in iPad News, I feel I'll have the option to sell my 16GB WiFi for what I have into it ( $500 ) and upgrade if need be. Anyone in the same boat?