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  1. EODtech

    I have router and a Ethernet bale hooked to Internet I need wifi access

    I have router and Ethernet cable hooked to Internet I need wifi access I need to find a WiFi device to hook to an Ethernet cable coming from a port in the rear of a router. The company won't turn on a wifi connection. Need to bring my own wifi to hook up to the Ethernet cable from the router so...
  2. EODtech

    I'm back ......

    I sold my iPad 1 in anticipation of the iPad 2 having the higher resolution screen. I have been going crazy w/o an iPad, so I purchased an iPad 2 16GB - WiFi to settle my nerves and get productive again. An all day training class the 11th and 4 full days of training on the22nd to the 25th. Glad...
  3. EODtech

    iPad suggestions

    Where on the Apple site do I make product enhancement recommendations? UPDATE - found an online form to use at
  4. EODtech

    Customer Ratings - does it affect you decision ?

    iTunes App Store lets iPad software users rate applications on a 1 to 5 star rating system. I have been using this as a guide in which applications I download. I have seen applications recommended on the forum by users and go to the App Store and it shows 5 stars is 17 and one star is 34, with...
  5. EODtech

    12V charging cable....OK with iPad ?

    Will a 12V DC charging cable for an iPod Touch work OK with an iPad?
  6. EODtech

    The first 48 hours with my iPad

    iPad - first impressions after 48 hours I researched the iPad on line and had a touchy - feely one hour session at Best Buy. Finding an iPad at a local retailer was not in the realm of possibility so I ordered it online from the Apple Store. I opted for the 16GB wi-fi version ( $500 ) knowing...
  7. EODtech

    Anyone sold their iPad to upgrade to a different model ?

    I ordered a 16GB WiFi to see how I like it. With the demand for them to extend to September, as noted in iPad News, I feel I'll have the option to sell my 16GB WiFi for what I have into it ( $500 ) and upgrade if need be. Anyone in the same boat?
  8. EODtech

    Hello from Alabama

    My first Apple computer was a IIc in 1985 . Work dictated I use a PC until my retirement in 1995. I currently have a 24" iMac and just sold my MacBook ( lack of use - too heavy to lug around on a daily basis ) and plan on buying an iPad once I decide on a model. I spent sometime today at BestBuy...