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    Bad YouTube video quality!!!

    I searched the topic to no go easy on me if I missed the already discussed topic. While watching YouTube videos through the app on the iPad I noticed that the quality is not even close to "HD". What gives? I thought that the quality would be better than I'm getting. Ant...
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    Discounted 64GB!!!

    I ran into a different "deal" today. The last iPad (64GB) left in a Go Wireless store has been discounted to $500. What do you think? Cya
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    PDFs on iPad

    I searched for this and didn't find what I was looking for, so I apologize if this has been previously visited. When I get my iPad I would like to be able to download some pdf's from a work site that I need to be able to reference to somewhat frequently. Can this be done and how is it done...
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    Hello to all from Oregon. I'm looking forward to learning more about the iPAD.:D Cya