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  1. jcodefish

    Battery drain problem in iPad 2 wifi running ios 6.1.2

    Hi guys, im using Battery Doctor pro to monitor my battery on my iPad2 wifi and normally turn on the iPad for almost 7-8 hours everyday. but recently i am facing a battery drain, the battery capacity dropped from 5800mAh to 5574mAh in just 4 days. one month back it was around 6200mAh. why am i...
  2. jcodefish

    Cydia repo error

    hi guys, when i open up cydia i get an error message saying three things 1. wow, you exceeded the number of package names this APT is capable of 2. Problem with mergelist 3. the package list or status file could not be parsed or opened so when i try to delete one of my repos, my ipad2 gets...
  3. jcodefish

    Cannot sync pdf's from itunes on ipad2

    Hi guys, i cannot sync my pdf files from itunes to my ipad2 while all the other apps and music is syncing well. Please help me out, i'm using ios 5.1.1 with ibooks3.
  4. jcodefish

    Need for authorising computer everytime ipad2 is connected to PC.

    Hi, i have been facing a very annoying popup on itunes recently. It asks for authorising my computer evertime i connect my jailbroken ipad2. how can i solve this issue? kindly help!
  5. jcodefish


    Hi guys, jcodefish here...;) i love my ipad..
  6. jcodefish

    Cannot update ipad2 ios 4.3.5 to ios 5.1.1 ??

    Hi, I have downloaded ios 5.1.1 and ios 5.0.1 ipsw files from [Moderator edit: Removed link to other site. We have good download links for firmware IPSWs here at this forum.] but error pops up from itunes update and restore option?? Is it necessary to downgrade to ios 4.3.3 to update to ios...