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    vpn configuration

    I have tried all that was said in the forum still it does not work, call internet people , they said to contact apple. When I try to look at say qvc live there is no voice. I don't know how to config. please help
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    E-mail to Ipad

    Thank you for all your help I now have my pictures
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    E-mail to Ipad

    I use Verizon, and gmail. so what do I do, Please help
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    E-mail to Ipad

    I cannot get a popup what am I doing wrong
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    E-mail to Ipad

    What am I tapping?
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    E-mail to Ipad

    How do I get my photo that are in my E-mail to Ipad?
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    E-mail for I pad 3

    Thank you it worked
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    E-mail for I pad 3

    Can't open e-mail for Verizon or gmail. Tried to delete and start open didn't work. I don't know what to do. Please help. carol Ps won't reconice my password which has not been change
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    Kindle will not open after last update

    Thank you for your help, it work. carol
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    Kindle will not open after last update

    yes I did delete app. and reinstall no dice. I don't understand the force close app. Please try to help
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    Kindle will not open after last update

    On my ipad 3 kindle will not open after last update. Tried to download on I turn, then reboot, I don't know what to do next.Please help. thank you al Carol
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    Evernote : How do you use it? : Tips and Tricks

    Thank you Thank you
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    evernote food

    When I cut a recipe from my computer it will go just to evernote, when I cut the same recipe from my ipad it will go to evernote food where it should go. Please what am I doing wrong from the computer that it will not go to the food? Thank you Carol
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    Evernote : How do you use it? : Tips and Tricks

    I don't know if I sent this so please bear with me, I am trying to get a receipe in evernote food but it went to evernote, what did I do wrong? Please help again carol
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    notetaking app that i can use on IPAD, and then can access on my pc (windows 7)

    Ok How do you make a note and send , Do you make note on pc or can you make them on your ipad. Thank you any help would be so good.carol
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    Best Buy Will Give You $200 Gift Card for Your iPad 2 and 3 This Weekend

    Ha, I just wen on best buy website and they are giving 299.00 the min. is 200.00
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    Sorry forgot the password, Thank you carol
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    Hi, I was having the same problem, so I did above but I canot rember my password for the internet. what do I do. thank you CAROL
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    isolo skin smart case

    Does anyone have a isolo skin for the ipad 3. I would like to know how it fits, because I did not have good results wih the apple smart case the fit was not flush and this is a little pricey. thank you all:eek:
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    Ipad 2 cases

    How about the smart case? I realy like it but the fit was off.Is it just me or do they not fit right?
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    Apples smart case

    I just bought a A smart case is it suppose to fit flush all around? one side is not. If so what do I do to make it flush. thank you all :eek:
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    keyboard dissapeared [HELP}

    I have one put it is not on
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    Ipad in bed

    I use prop n go, I don't what i paid for it but I read every night and it works great.
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    keyboard dissapeared [HELP}

    I can't won't come upat all, when I tap for it ato come on top nothing happins
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    keyboard dissapeared [HELP}

    my keyboard dissapeared how do I get it back:eek:
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    How to change keyboard layout on non-iPad BT keyboard

    My keyboard dissapeared how do I get it back
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    Help me adjust brightness settings

    Adjust it to your eyes, and put it on auto. the lower you go you will save on battery. Hope this helps
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    Choosing the 16GB or 32GB

    all the storage you can get. if I could do it over that what I would do I have the 32g
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    Anybody else's battery really rubbish on new iPad??

    Yes i agree, and do you do a once a month drain and recharge, and what app. are you using
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    ipad3 warm ac charger?

    This is normal. it will coll of when done chargin
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    Carrying an iPad and an Apple Bluetooth keyboard

    Take a look at the Pelican case it is great and neet
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    Having problems copying video to iPad?

    try it does it for you
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    Convert Blu-ray to IPad 3

    I use freemake, its is free,fast and easy.
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    Printer does not recognize iPad

    I have the j611 and the blue and the white should be on, Leave the printer on all the time.
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    Where to get New Ipad cases?

    If you want an apple, the price is set. so just go for free shipping wich is apple on line.
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    Ipad batteries

    I do mine on the first of every month, this way I don't forget.
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    Printer suggestions...

    I am running window 7 and also have the ipad 3, my wirelss printer is a HP deskjet 3050 andI love it.and every thing works together
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    Free iPad Video Converters

    I find freemake not only the fastest but the easyest. good luck