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  1. mslammers

    Syncing Photos to My MacBook Pro

    For some reason, my iPad keeps trying to sync all of the photos on my iPad to my MBP. I turned off the Photo sync but it still keeps trying. What am I missing?
  2. mslammers

    Complex iPad Passcode

    If you would like to have a complex passcode, check here. It worked for me. Sorry if this is a repeat posting. I hadn't seen it before. Turn off simple Passcode on your iPhone for better security – iPhone 101 series
  3. mslammers

    iPad to iPad2 conversion

    I plan to get an iPad 2 and give my iPad to my son-in-law/grandchildren [3]. My plan is to give them the free apps [show them how to get them] and transfer my photography apps to my new iPad2. Is this doable? What would be the procedure [assuming that the iPad apps will run on the iPad2]...
  4. mslammers

    Delete full mailbox

    Is there any way to delete all the items in a mailbox rather than checking individual mail items and then deleting?
  5. mslammers

    Google Reader vs. Amazon Reader, Apple Reader etc.

    Has anyone else tried out the Google App for ebook obtaining and reading? I have and find it much like the Amazon Reader and Apple Reader. [big surprise :D]. I haven't tried the nook reader to compare but would expect it to be in the same class. One thing I haven't tried is epub format.
  6. mslammers

    Guide to 4.2.1

    Has anyone seen or created a Guide to iOs 4.2.1?
  7. mslammers

    Some 4.0 Projections-So Don't Get Wild

    From Mac Rumors - iPad 4.0? - We expect Apple will announce their plans for the deployment of iOS 4 for the iPad during the event. It's unlikely Apple will be able to launch tomorrow as Apple still needs developers to update their apps. So, hopefully we'll get a roadmap and a developer...
  8. mslammers

    iPad Memory and iPad Disk

    I did some checking using the i app. It shows around 214 MB of memory and 53+ MB of "Disk" in my 64 GB iPad. That is right after startup after doing a total shutdown. After a few hours with the same level of inactivity, it shows 163 MB of Memory and the same 53+ GB of Disk. Reboot and the 214...
  9. mslammers

    How to Get Alice in Wonderland & Gushing Cross into iBook folder

    It seems there are 2 kinds of books or I am missing something. One kind that you can store in the iBook shelf and one kind [Alice & Gushing Cross for example] that remain as App icons. It sort of seems silly that you cannot put the latter in iBooks. Any answers? Maybe iPad OS 4.0 will allow one...
  10. mslammers

    For You Artists and Sketchers

    Take a look at Autodesk's Sketch Book Mobile Pro Looks and behaves much like Painter . It is $2.99 for the but well worth it, and I am a very amateur/painter/sketcher. Much better photographer. They have a Free Lite version too.
  11. mslammers

    For You Artists and Sketchers

    Take a look at Autodesk's Sketch Pad Looks and behaves much like Painter . It is $2.99 but well worth it, and I am a very amateur painter/sketcher. Much better photographer.
  12. mslammers

    Thunderbird on iPad? Earthlink Web Mail?

    Has anyone used either of Thunderbird or Earthlink Web Mail? I was going to see if I could make either one work, but decided to see if someone got there before me or not. I may have to not waste my time.
  13. mslammers

    Sync from PC to iPad

    Simple problem [now that I actually have my iPad] I have my music in a My Music folder on my E: drive. The folders show in iTunes Library but won't sync to the iPad. I don't have enough room on the C: drive for my music library, hence the use of E: [and backup on Drobo G: as well] I can't really...
  14. mslammers

    Some Fast Fed Ex Facts on iPad Shipping

    1. A whole planeload of iPads is normally shipped. 2. When they land in Anchorage AK, customs officials inspect every one. How ever many that is to fill a plane. Probably pretty many. 3. They are usually sent to Memphis for sorting and resending to final destination. 4. Mine is going to Dayton...
  15. mslammers

    Accessories Arrived-Just Need the iPAD

    My case and my pogo sketch have arrived and I have lots of apps selected ready to sync. Now if the customs folks will just release my iPad. Sigh!!
  16. mslammers

    Networking and WiFi Question

    I have a desktop [iTunes installed, waiting for iPad, Fri] with no WiFi. DSL connection through modem/router. I also have a netbook that has WiFi and can also connect to my m/r through cable connection. Soooo.... my question is: If I connect my netbook to the m/r and turn on WiFi, can I use...
  17. mslammers

    Older Computer User [since 1960]

    Hi folks, I will be a iPad WiFi 64GB owner on or about 1 Jul. I have 16 apps downloaded and ready to sync with the iPad. Also have a cover ordered. I plan to mostly use my iPad to display photos and videos. I use my big Windows desktop for everything else. I have been using computers since...