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  1. SweetPoison

    Getting the iPad 2!

    Hey Guys! Getting the iPad2 next week and need some advice on how to totally erase the one I have now. Also ~ how to deal with iTunes as well. I need to set up the new one, which I can do ~ one can only hope:) but I will need to set up my old one for a friend on her itunes. Anything I...
  2. SweetPoison

    Would you go to Starbucks for Wine and Beer?

    Apparently, before the end of the year, a few stores down in LA will experiment with serving wine and beer! Thoughts?
  3. SweetPoison

    SweetPoison's iPad 3 thread!

    I wanted to know what folks thought about what size I should get. I am definitely getting the wifi + 3G, but I don't need to get the 64GB, like I did with the one I have now. I only have 20 or so apps, no music and no movies ~ but LOTS of pictures on my iPad. Should I just get the 16GB...
  4. SweetPoison

    Netflix vs. Hulu

    Thoughts? I was just checking out Hulu and of all the devices they use to streamline, ATV was not on there. I kicked them an email. Anyone have a preference one over the other here? The series I really wanted to watch and Netflix doesn't have it nor does hulu, is True Blood. Darn it...
  5. SweetPoison

    Do you have a New Year's Resolution?

    I have the same one every year ~ Lose a few pounds! Use to have quit smoking but did that 2 years ago ~ So ~ Lose a few pounds and fall in love ~ That'll work.
  6. SweetPoison

    My Daughter was just mugged!

    She is a manager at Starbucks and was leaving in broad daylight to take the deposit to the bank. She was jumped in the parking lot, knocked down, kicked, until she gave up the deposit! They had to know they take the deposit at this time. This is not the best area either. Customers ran out...
  7. SweetPoison

    How to set up iPod Touch!

    My daughter got one for Christmas. Just hook it up to iTunes and follow the steps?
  8. SweetPoison

    Who Got An iPad for Christmas?

    Did you get an iPad for Christmas? iPads only, please!
  9. SweetPoison

    What did you get for Christmas thread!

    I know it is a little premature ~ but I got some really cool stuff so far! I got a 12" cherry wood very cool hour glass. Also three miniature even cooler purse cookie jars! Pictures to follow ~ Oh. And lots of See's Candy which simply can not stay in this house!
  10. SweetPoison

    Date, time and location where you live!

    I think this would be fun ~ I never know what time or day it is in the UK or anywhere outside of the states. Me: Sacramento, California ~ Saturday, 12.17.11 ~ 10:25AM
  11. SweetPoison

    Are you going to buy the iPad 3 next year?

    I hope to ~ I really can not wait!
  12. SweetPoison

    iPad, Wifi, 3G and cell!

    This is probably a very dumb question. But ~ When I am at home, my iPad uses wifi. I assume it taps into my Comcast Wifi, right? But unless I find a hotspot out in the field it will kick over to 3G. What I want to know is why my cell phone which has 4G, when at home does not connect to my...
  13. SweetPoison

    Name one thing you want for Christmas!

    Please do not say world peace ~ Or I might have to exert my Mod Powers. I want this ~ I adore hourglasses as much as...
  14. SweetPoison

    How many songs can 4GB hold?

    Is that a lot?
  15. SweetPoison

    Happy ThanksGiving Everyone!

    Imagine how many turkeys are poppin into so many ovens this day! Hope everyone eats a lot then eats more. Get on those elastic sweats so ya don't pop any buttons! What are you Thankful for?
  16. SweetPoison

    Post your random cell phone pictures AND SCREENSHOTS!

    No iPad pictures please ~ there is a thread for that! My cell is dead and charging so I will be back!
  17. SweetPoison

    Is there a way to tell how many have purchased a particular app?

    I want to know how many folks purchased a particular app, but I don't want to count all the reviews. Not only tedious, but not really accurate. Does it state somewhere how many have bought or downloaded an app?
  18. SweetPoison

    You have $400 for a laptop! What do you suggest?

    This is for a client of mine and she is wanting to get this today. She has $450, but I figure we better save some for tax. She wants a laptop and this is her very first computer. Thoughts?
  19. SweetPoison

    Change your clocks tonight!

    November 6th ~ change your clocks back. Wait. Forward. ~ fall backward. Back. Definitely Back!
  20. SweetPoison

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAYLE! ( Hayles66 )

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WOMAN! She is 85 today and lookin good! ( couldn't resist! :) )
  21. SweetPoison

    Would you go into space?

    The cost is $200K per person. But your ticket is paid. Would you go? I don't fly ~ and there is no way in hell I am flying in a match box.
  22. SweetPoison

    Can we paint our car if we don't own it?

    I want to paint my car. Black. Red, hell PINK at this point. I hate the color it is now. :mad:
  23. SweetPoison

    Who will be the first to download iOS5?

    Cali will get it first ~ but I am not getting it as I want to keep my JB. But who got it? How is it so far?
  24. SweetPoison

    What do you know about Steve Jobs?

    I have to admit I don't know much. I use to live in Palo Alto where he lives and I know that my friend use to see him and his lovely wife walking around the neighborhood and their kids went to the same school and he actually says hi to everyone! On one of his walks around the neighborhood, he...
  25. SweetPoison

    I want the new iPhone 4S ~ But I got the Samsung Galaxy SII !

    Hey Guys ~ I want my first iPhone ever! I am ready to be owned for 2 years. I think. I want unlimited every thing ~ I know that is going to cost me around $150 a month. I pay $60 a month now for unlimited everything on my BB. I am sick of my Blackberry, though. It hourglasses way to...
  26. SweetPoison

    I Love Halloween! The Official Halloween Thread:)

    My favorite time of the year! I need to change my avatars to fit.:) Anyone going to any parties? What will your kids be? Do you even recognize Halloween in your part of the world? Our neighborhood is decorated already and very scary! We go to this haunted house set up downtown that...
  27. SweetPoison

    I want a new case!

    I have the first iPad. I am bored with my present black leather case. I want a cool one.:thumbs:
  28. SweetPoison

    Post your CAT, Feline, or kitties!

    This is a cat thread only! We have some hella cute ones just joining!
  29. SweetPoison

    Post a favorite commercial!

    I am on my way out for a bit, but just saw the Kia Soul dancing hamsters! Love them. Also the "you get in the bowl" M&M one and when that gal opens up her cabinet to all the pouring out of tupperware! Love it. Post a youtube if you can!
  30. SweetPoison

    I have a question ~ AT&T

    I was wondering how they can automatically withdraw my data plan if I deleted my credit card info ~ on my ipad and in iTunes. I didn't want to get it this month as I wanted to see how it worked with finding hot spots while out in the field. So I deleted my cc info and they still took it out...
  31. SweetPoison

    Apple's new TV?

    apple-new-tv-set-businessweek: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance
  32. SweetPoison

    Do you use our ( IPF ) App?

    Just curious if I am like the only one that doesn't.
  33. SweetPoison

    I want this game, guys!

    My daughter just showed me this game she got for her android phone. It is called Yumm. Hilarious and too fun! Can we get games for android phones on our ipads or computers or BB? I am off to do some research!
  34. SweetPoison

    HP Mini won't connect to internet

    For some reason my HP Mini won't connect to the internet. It says below on the right side that my Wireless Internet Connected is connected at Excellent strength. Why won't it allow me to go on line? Annoying the hell out of me, man.:mad:
  35. SweetPoison

    How long should the iPad last?

    I thought mine bit the dust a few days ago, but it user error and all is okay. But I wonder how long do you think our iPads should last before completely dying? 2 years? 4? I guess the battery would be the first to go ~ then you can just get a new one for $99. What would be next...
  36. SweetPoison

    Something is wrong with my iPad

    This has happened twice. Yesterday and just now. Im really worried, especially since my warranty was up in June. I just got my iPad out of my brief case and it was very warm and the battery was completely drained, well, down to 5%. it was 100%, or damn close! What's going on...
  37. SweetPoison

    Keep iPad awake?

    Is there an app in Cydia to make our iPads stay awake? I want it to stay on the locked screen page without the swipe thingy to unlock it. Or ~ On the home page and not go to sleep. I don't want much do I?:D
  38. SweetPoison

    Our new IPF App section!

    Questions about our app, post them in this section.:)
  39. SweetPoison

    We have three new moderators!

    Ifrog Richadams Gabriel1. (I think there is a 1)
  40. SweetPoison

    Do you use a Keyboard?

    That is my question. Not what kind, color or where you got it. ;)