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  1. Macette

    Ipad3 and iphone 5 FB videos

    Hi can anyone tell me why I can watch a Facebook posted video on iphone and not on ipad just get message saying you need flash but I can just pick up iphone and watch it...?
  2. Macette

    Another nice word game...

    Just found another nice word game called "Clueless Crossword Party" it great kind of a cross between sudoku and crossword it's great fun have a try and see what you was offered free but there is also a lite version as well.. :))
  3. Macette

    Great new ipad word game

    I just discovered this great new word game called QatQi its free and is absolutely brilliant. Have a look peeps if you love word games you will love this one....:))
  4. Macette

    Ipad 3 with 3G

    Thank goodness I got ipad with 3G Just wanted to say I am so happy I did get the 3G version of ipad3. I went on holiday to Oz and took both iphone 5 and ipad 3. Soon after arriving I went to get my Aussie sim for iphone 5 $30 got me so many texts and calls but only 400gb of data. After only...
  5. Macette

    Thank goodness I bought the ipad 3 with 3G

    Just wanted to say I am so happy I did get the 3G version of ipad3. I went on holiday to Oz and took both iphone 5 and ipad 3. Soon after arriving I went to get my Aussie sim for iphone 5 $30 got me so many texts and calls but only 400gb of data. After only being there a few days my data ran...
  6. Macette

    Siri yayyy !

    IS everybody happy SIRI coming to iPad yayyy for IOS 6 can't wait !!! Sent from my iPad 3 
  7. Macette

    Nice new game

    Just found a nice hidden object game called Gardenscapes. There is a free version it's also on the mac so I'm having twice the fun lol. Sent from my iPad 3 
  8. Macette

    Changing twitter user name

    I have just changed my twitter user name on my mac but it didn't change on my iPad . Does anyone know how to change it on the iPad . Help ! Plzzzzzz Sent from my iPad 3 
  9. Macette

    New to Twitter on ipad

    Have been wanting to try Twitter, so thought I would have a go. Has anyone tried Twitter for Apple interests.? It's one of those things I wish I knew how to use and who to follow . Please post if you are having fun with Twitter and suggestions on who or what to follow for an Apple fan..... Sent...
  10. Macette

    Another great app

    I just got a great instruction app called TUTOR FOR LION it's free and consists of a load of videos about using Lion. Quite a large app because all videos are kept on the iPad, it coves a good range of topics, worth a look for new Mac owners and for not so new mac owners :) Sent from my iPad 3 
  11. Macette

    Notes not syncing with iphone and ipad

    Hi to you all. I have recently added my new iCloud @ me email address to iPad and iPhone . I have it as my default for notes and I can not get notes to sync between iPad and iPhone . Could someone please tell me all the settings I should have to make this happen. I must be missing something. I...
  12. Macette

    Great app to learn about your ipad

    Great free app called SCOtutor for iPad . It's a free and brilliant video explaining everything about iPad if your new to iPad this is the app for you, there is also one for Mac which is very good. They are available in the app store for iPad and on the mac app store as well.....go grab them...
  13. Macette

    Evernote on ipad 3

    Seem to have a problem with Evernote on my iPad . On my iPhone I have 120 messages but on my iPad I only have 13 where have they gone ? My mac seems to have them all. Has this just happened since the Evernote update or is there a setting I have missed ???? Any advice plzzzzzz Sent from my iPad 3 
  14. Macette

    Ipad 3 calendar sync

    Strange thing... I got iPad 3 in April and my calendar is not syncing before April. I tried re entering stuff for February and it disappears. I did do a backup to the past backup from iPad 2 . Can not figure it out ? What's going on. . ? I would of liked calendar notes from iCal to show on iPad...
  15. Macette

    Grubby smart cover. Little tip!

    My lovely red leather smart cover was getting very grubby,tried washing it with a damp cloth. Didn't help very much. Soooooo I used a small amount of red shoe polish and it worked. Very happy ,cover looks lovely again. Sent from my iPad 2 
  16. Macette

    Adding pics to forum using ipad2

    Hi, does anyone know if it is possible to add a pic to the forum from the iPad , when I tried on Apple forum the choose button stays greyed out. Maybe someone knows of another way. It would be so handy if it was possible. Sent from my iPad 2 
  17. Macette

    Lovely calender app

    Just found nice calendar app free Opus Domini. Worth a look peeps Sent from my iPad 2 
  18. Macette

    Keyboards for ipad2

    Grandaughter is getting iPad 2 for Xmas would like to get her a keyboard what would be reasonable beside apple. Any ideas. Or are they much of muchness.
  19. Macette

    Website data clearing yes or no !

    Does anyone know if it's a good idea to clear website data. I just discovered it... what happens when you clear it ? Settings-safari-advanced-website data.
  20. Macette

    No Airplay icon Help !

    Has anyone retrieved their missing AirPlay icon ??
  21. Macette

    Air play icon missing

    Do you have an airplay icon mine is not there ipad2 ios5 completed. It is suppose to be in the bit where open apps are swipe to left where volume controls are. ???
  22. Macette

    Facebook for ipad

    Would just like to say I think the new Facebook app for iPad is rubbish. I have mypad and friendly and mypad is the better of the 3. But the best of all is the web version that u can bookmark to the screen. It is the only one that shows your pages and your different lists and the fact that you...
  23. Macette

    R.I.P Steve

    So sad, he enhanced my life a true genius.He will be missed 
  24. Macette

    In honour of Steve Jobs Day

    Tomorrow is dress in honour of Steve Jobs day. Black t shirt blue jeans. Me and my avatar will what about you ?
  25. Macette

    New upgrade for IPF

    Improvements to the IPF app is great you can now change your avatar on the iPhone and iPad. I can have a new outfit everyday lol
  26. Macette

    Is there any chance of imac help !

    Hi all I love using this forum because it is so easy to use. I do have an iPad and have enjoyed using the forum for that purpose, now I have a Mac question and hope someone will answer because I don't want to try and use another forum :( . Anyway here goes Lion is coming out soon and all advice...
  27. Macette

    Great app cloudsurfer

    This app is brilliant. It's a browser where you look for any article you want to read then you are able to save it as an iBook and it opens in iBook and stays there ! It's great for looking up manuals or hints and tips. Have a look at it you are sure to love it.
  28. Macette

    Found a Grrreat app Cloudsurfer

    Had to tell u all about this one, it's a browser BUT any article u want to read and save it opens it in iBooks and there it stays. Have a look in the App store it's FREEEEEE. It also has a few hand swipe actions to use. This is for people who have websites they check regularly and want to keep...
  29. Macette

    Using the icloud

    I was looking in settings under Store where we are suppose to have Apps Books and Music to share between devices and I only have Apps and Books on my iPad 2 and iPhone 3GS is this right ?
  30. Macette

    Change avatar to same as profile pic HOW ?

    I would like to use the same pic I used as my profile as my avatar. I can't seem to upload a pic from the camera roll to avatar, I was able to upload to the profile. Please help don't know what I'm doing wrong 
  31. Macette

    Add profile pic ???

    How do I add a profile pic to this forum ??? Was able to add one on my mac but can't find a place on iPad version and the mac pic didn't transfer across ??? Helpppp please !
  32. Macette

    Two users one ipad !

    Has anybody used Switchapp for iPad . It's suppose to allow two accounts on one iPad , didnt think this could be done just what I need but not sure if it's like the mac ??? Does anyone know ???
  33. Macette

    Best facebook app for ipad

    Just found MyPad2 much better than Friendly for Facebook . Definitely a Keeper !
  34. Macette

    Should i Sync ipad to iphone backup

    Hi I'm expecting my new iPad today. My question is should I sync it to my iPhone backup so it loads with all my iPhone stuff and then take of any stuff I don't want on it. Or from scratch and select stuff for it, by doing that it won't mess up my iPhone apps will it ? Will iTunes control two...
  35. Macette

    New to forum and new ipad help with itunes accounts

    Hi everyone, I am waiting on my new ipad to arrive, I am totally hooked on Apple news and Apple products. I am using an iphone and loaded the app for this site today and had bother getting it to work, I was not able to post anything in the message window, but will keep trying Im using my imac...