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    Pay-as-you-go carrier for iPad in US

    Hi all. I just purchased a iPad 2 with 3G (att), and I am seriously considering adding AT&T services, however I am rather doubtful I can use 2gb in one month (I use it at home with wifi 99% of the time), and I have a hard time opting in for the 250mb plan because of its rather low value (cost...
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    Ipad 2 replaced for Mic Issue; Backlight Bleed Problem seems to be solved!

    I had an issue with the mic on my iPad 2. Admittedly I never really put it to use, but I was able to test it with video recording and Skype when it was brand new. A week ago I tried to face time with someone and they reported that all they heard from my end was static. I tried recording...