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    Photo Manager?

    I've just re-visited this, looking for the ideal app, and still can't find it. Photo Manager Pro is great, except: - You can't sync to Dropbox/Sugarsync/ Drive/etc - You can't initiate a sync from the phone (you have to run the FTP server on the phone, and then use FTP software on...
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    Absinthe failing with "The URL cannot be shown' when running the app

    Thanks caithlene, That worked! Evidently it needed to be from the vanilla 5.0.1 firmware install, rather than incremental upgrades. Unfortunately my iPhone 4S has the same problem, and that trick isn't working, so I'll try working on that now. Thanks again! D
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    Absinthe failing with "The URL cannot be shown' when running the app

    Hi All, Newbie here, as I've been spending an hour trying to run Absinthe on my iPad2, but it's just failing to perform the crash at the end after running the app. I'm running the desktop app on a Windows XP SP3 laptop, and connected my iPad2. It seemed to run fine - originally taking around...