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  1. RandyM

    Who's planning on buying the iPad Air2?

    I will be getting the iPad air 2 but not right away. I will wait and see if any issues pop up with it. My iPad 3 is still good though I wish I never installed iOS 8 on it.
  2. RandyM

    Issues with Air

    My apologies is was never my intent to tell anyone to try to install any software or confuse anyone. I won't be posting anything anymore to the forums here, my apologies if anyone was confused by anything I posted
  3. RandyM

    Issues with Air

    Information about the iOS 7.1 beta surfaced on another forum I follow , some of the forum members have been using the beta on the IPad Air and are reporting much faster speeds less crashes in apps but safari and other browsers are still causing reboots. This was also posted...- "Crash logs...
  4. RandyM

    Issues with Air

    I came across a really interesting discussion about the crash issues with the iPad air. So I don't violate any rules here I won't say what forum I found this information on. They were discussing their opinions on what the root cause of the problem was, some argued software others hardware when...
  5. RandyM

    Ipad air case

    Just got the email from Otterbox that the Defender Case is now shipping for the iPad Air. I ordered mine and will upload photos when it arrives.
  6. RandyM

    Issues with Air

    I agree its mostlikely a software issue, but Im wondering why they have been exchanging them or telling members to exchange them as some members here have reported.
  7. RandyM

    Issues with Air

    I really hope this is true, I really want to get my Air before Christmas. I haven't seen anything about this posted on any other sites though. Let's pray it's accurate I want my air!
  8. RandyM

    Going to buy a iPad 4 or Air tomorrow, help me choose which?

    Sorry I misread your post. I was referring to the lightning cable. I am unaware of any lightning adapters
  9. RandyM

    Going to buy a iPad 4 or Air tomorrow, help me choose which?

    I bought the amazon basics ones I think the are better built than the apple ones a fraction of the cost and the come in different lengths.
  10. RandyM

    Issues with Air

    First I would like to say sorry to all of you having issues with the iPad air. And thank you for posting what is going on with attempts made to fix it that haven't worked. I will continue to monitor the forum before buying my air. I hope this is all resolved soon for everyone
  11. RandyM

    Is anyone concerned about 1GB of RAM being enough?

    Sorry was not aware that linking other forums was not allowed. I will search for them myself Thank you
  12. RandyM

    Ipad air case

    With every iPad and iPhone I have owned I protected it in an Otterbox Defender case. I know many say it makes the idevice too bulky but I like the protection it provides. As soon as they come out with one for the Air it too will get one
  13. RandyM

    Ipad air sound quality

    Thank you for providing me with the information on hearing damage. Since reading what you posted I no longer play my music loud and hope I haven't sustained damage to my hearing. Thanks for looking out for us and providing this information
  14. RandyM

    Is anyone concerned about 1GB of RAM being enough?

    I am interested in reading more about this issue and you mentioned threads on other forums, could you please provide a link to these other forums? I would like to see what others are saying about this before buying my Air Thank you
  15. RandyM

    Is anyone concerned about 1GB of RAM being enough?

    Please keep us informed of the result you have at the Apple Store. I was just about to order mine till reading these posts. I will wait and monitor the forums a while longer Thank you
  16. RandyM

    Ipad air sound quality

    I haven't bought my air yet, im waiting to hear if there are any issues with it from users before I buy like I do all my idevices.. but about the speakers... this is the thinnest iPad ever so I wouldnt expect the sound quality of the built in speakers to be great. Besides getting the right...
  17. RandyM

    So who is looking forward to the "New Mini", 2nd half 2013?

    I think I will wait for the New New "New Mini" since new stuff seems to be rolling out from Apple almost twice a year now a days :)
  18. RandyM

    Did the iPad 4 announcement surprise you?

    On the news I heard that Apple did this to customers once before, An early model of one of the iphones got released and a few months later a modified one came out . I dont think I will bre buying anything Apple for a while after this.
  19. RandyM

    Did the iPad 4 announcement surprise you?

    EDITED FOR CRASS LANGUAGE. Adama iPF Moderator I just got the iPad 3 a very short time ago and its been replaced already. doubt if any would want to buy it when they can get a faster 4th gen for the same price i paid for the "New now retired" ipad. Thanks apple for taking my money
  20. RandyM

    Printing to Epson Artisian 835

    I wasn't able to print directly to the 835 with my new ipad. When ever i printed using my ipad 2 I would select print form what ever application I was using and it would show the artisan with its IP address ( I use it wirelessly) and it printed. I downloaded two apps, Epson iprint and Print...
  21. RandyM

    Leaked Document Reveals Apple is Looking into New iPad’s Wi-Fi Issues

    This answers my question before I posted it. I can connect to WiFi sites with my iphone 4S at any range from the site but unless im faily close to the site my iPad won't connect. Should I wait and hope for a software patch or exchange my ipad for another?
  22. RandyM

    Printing to Epson Artisian 835

    I was able to print directly to my Artisan 835 with my iPad 2 through my wireless network but the new iPad doesnt seem to work the same way. I sent a tech support message to Epson for any ideas but haven't heard anything back yet
  23. RandyM

    People saying the new iPad is really to hot to hold.

    Got my new ipad Friday, 64gb wifi only, installed all my apps, music, videos, books, documents, and streamed a movie an hour and 42 minutes long and the case was luke warm at best. Not hot at all.
  24. RandyM

    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    I ordered mine on 3/17 and my receipt says will be shipped 4/9 and should be delivered 4/13... 4/13 just happens to be Friday the 13th so my luck it will arrive with a shattered screen or something lol ordered the 64gb black wifi only don't see any need for the 4G for my purposes if if I need to...
  25. RandyM

    Questions for new iPad owners

    can I throw a question in with yours?? 4) any apps not work with the new ipad because of the different display? (Hope this question hasnt been asked in another post but I thpought it would be best to ask it here)
  26. RandyM

    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    I got to see, hold and use the new ipad today, a family member bought one. I liked it so much I am breaking my own rule about waiting a month or so after a new apple device comes out and will be ordering mine this weekend. My luck they'll be sold out till Summer!
  27. RandyM

    Did You Sell Your iPad1 To Raise Funds For iPad3?

    How many Gb is it? I would check what they are going for on to get an estimate of what you could get for it. When Im ready to get an Ipad 3 I will sell off my ipad 2 to get some of the money i spend on the 3 back Best wishes, RandyM
  28. RandyM

    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 now I"m having 2nd thoughts thread!

    I see your point but I think that there were enough upgrades to warrant purchasing the new ipad. I havent ordered the new iPad yet. But I normally wait a few months to watch for any bugs that arise from it before unloading that much cash. besides i will sell my ipad 2 to recoup some of the...
  29. RandyM

    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    I think Im going to wait a while before ordering one. Wait for a few companies come out with cases for it thats if its different than the ipad 2 design
  30. RandyM


    Maybe not run out but if your printer has been on the shelf in the store a while they may have dried out. Try doing a print head cleaning if its an inkjet and see if its just a clogged printhead if still no color you may need to buy new inks. If you have a color laser I can't help you never used...
  31. RandyM

    After what I saw yesterday I'm so glad I have a Otterbox case for my ipad 2

    11/29/2011 at 6:15p.m. EST.... get off the train at the station in my home town with several other commuters and as I'm walking toward the platform stairs to head to my car I see this guy completely destroy his ipad. He had a briefcase under one arm and a bluetooth headphone in his ear and was...
  32. RandyM

    iTunes Match Thread

    Must be down again 10:12 p.m. EST , I just upgraded to the newest iTunes version and didn't see any options for adding match during the install at all.
  33. RandyM

    Convert video to ipad2 format

    Not sure what kind of movies you are converting but i found that using Windows Live Movie maker converts most formats to mp4 that works great with my iphone 4s, ipod touch and ipad 2 and its free.
  34. RandyM

    iOS 5 Notification Widgets

    I was wondering why the weather widget works on my iPhone 4s and my ipod touch but not on the ipad 2. Was it not supposed to be an iPad app? is ther one that I can buy from the app store that would work?
  35. RandyM

    Ipod Query

    This can be done easily with an FM Modulator.. This is the one I bought to use You plug it into the bottom of your iPod and then plug it into your cigarette lighter and...
  36. RandyM

    Do you use our ( IPF ) App?

    All the time when I'm on the road. It's great
  37. RandyM

    Bluetooth doesnt works on my ipad 2

    I don't think the iPads Bluetooth radio is compatible. After reading your post I tried to see if my iPad 2 could see my ipod touch 4 generation and it could not. You'll also find that only a certain types of bluetooth head (ear) phones will work. Can't remember the type that does but I found...
  38. RandyM

    What do you want to see in pad 3?

    Wouldn't mind if they moved the earphone jack to the bottom of the iPad with my earphones in the cable is in the way of the screen and isn't long enough to run around the back of the iPad and up to my ears unless I hold the iPad closer to my face. And I would like to see it with better...
  39. RandyM

    Facebook iPad App to be Unveiled at the iPhone 5 Launch Event

    Hope the new app is better than the current one. It crashes so often I don't even try to use it anymore
  40. RandyM

    Ipad 2 and facebook refsh brings up youtube...

    I have a different problem. When I run Facebook it stays open for about 30 seconds and crashes to the home screen on my iPad. Hope it will work better in iOS 5