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    How to invite friend by gamecenter?

    This sounds like a ridiculous question, yet I am puzzled. All I'm trying to do is inviting friends to gift gems to, but I only have their gamecenter ID. Right now I'm trying to go to : friends -> invite friends -> and all I see is "facebook", "email", "text msg".... how can you enter gamecenter...
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    Empire Story - Need neighbors

    Empire story is a great game! Accepting everyone. ID : dopaminergique
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    Is it possible to stream 3g from iphone to ipad

    Hi, Is it possible to stream 3g internet from an iphone 4 with a 3g connexion, or via a macbook laptop, to the ipad? I already tried doing so by connection my iphone to my ipad with a usb port, but it doesn't seem to do anything. Is it even possible? Thanks in advance,
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    Need friends for Farm Story

    I'm accepting all friend for farm story. Add : dopaminergique
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    I really like Paradise Island HD

    Well, that's not a very clear answer.
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    I really like Paradise Island HD

    Great game! But I wonder why any game made by gameinsight (paradise island hd, syndicate hd) seem to have no information or discussion at all, all over the Internet? Is there any secret policies that instantly delete anything related to a discussion of their game?
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    Need friends for city story

    New players here Hey, I'm accepting everyone. Add me : Dopaminergique