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  1. J

    Great Little War Game

    Love great little war game, just completed all the missions. During the play through I've bought the funny voice packs. Now eagerly await a map pack and multiplayer via Internet.
  2. J

    Best strategy game to get?

    Great little war game is an funny, cute and engaging turn based strategy game. I highly recommend it :-)
  3. J

    Photosmith organizes photos on iPad, syncs to Lightroom

    Tried it and found it really nice. If you use lightroom and have an iPad this is great for backing-up, rating and keywording on location. Thanx for sharing
  4. J

    I Use to Fly Jets By Mach 3 Composites

    Wow... Really cool...
  5. J

    One cool stand for my iPad...

    Can I haz da ipaw? Rarely one see a stand with that much attitude. How do you mount the iPad, Velcro?
  6. J

    tethered shooting with the ipad?

    The OneOne dslr remote app works quite well. Just make sure your dlsr is supported and you understand the setup. I've used it a few times for macro shooting and for letting a client follow the shoot. Setup: ( -----is USB cable and ~~~~is wireless ) Dslr------------------laptop~~~~~~~~~wifi...
  7. J

    Virus Protection for iPad

    It is not that the iOs device is immune to exploits. Web, mail or SMS has acted as efficient actack vectors and iOs has been compromised succesfully at least few times. The upside in the past was a rather small use base relative terms. That being said the motivation for mall ware is resing with...
  8. J

    Will you name your Ipad?

    It is called iNewton Named after my first really good pda ;-) an magical amazing revolutionary device...
  9. J

    Incredibly slow keyboard response

    Get the same troubles Suddently :-(
  10. J

    IPad and iPod sharing one iTunes?

    Yes Sync away :-) I sync iPad, ipod and iPhone to the same iTunes account.
  11. J

    ppt presentation problem with images and video

    First make sure images are not just links to files residing outside the presentation but are actually embedded in the powerpoint and in a format also readable by keynote rgb images in jpg, gif or png should work. The videos need to be in the right format of mp4 too. Check if you can play the...
  12. J

    iPAD Keyboard - Is it a joke ?

    It is not there'd o,n the iPhone. I think it is there partly for looks and partly to help with correct finger placement, sans the tactile sensation. The keys in horizontal mode is sized as an proper keyboard.
  13. J

    Portfolio for iPad and other portfolio apps

    Try also The build in photo gallery app and keynote. Enjoy /Jon
  14. J

    Syncing contacts to Google without iTunes?

    Curious too Would love for wireless sync between my devices :-) anyone?
  15. J

    iOS 5- what would you like to see for iPad?

    My wish list In somewhat prioritized order clever live sync of photos and documents and relevant app settings between all my iDevices and my laptop. Over 3G and wifi attach documents AND photos to emails from within the email app Numbers on keyboard Two finger slide in extra row of keys with...
  16. J

    Solutions for wireless presentation with ipad

    Interesting Quite curious to what solution you test and how it works out :-) Please share Thank you /Jon Angelo
  17. J

    Problem with converting MP4 files

    Several things to consider First thing is frame rates also called fps. Most likely your camera defaults to shooting 30 fps or 29.97 fps. Make sure that you convert and recompress to the same frame rate as you shoot in. Second is a big question, what kind of software do you use to do the...
  18. J

    Warm greetings from the cold north

    Now the era of lurking has passed. Hello everyone my name is Jon. :) I have the 3G iPad and loving it as much as I did the Apple Newton. I live in Copenhagen / Denmark. Working as an advertising creative is how most of my time is spend. In what little there is left you are likely to find me...