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  1. Draper

    Can a 3g ipad bought in america work in korea?

    Yes American iPads can be used in Korea, after they have been certified to run on the network. That requires you leaving the iPad at a government agency for certification (depending on how busy they are, you could be waiting a while). KT also needs to see that it was not imported illegally, so...
  2. Draper

    Stickers on your iPad?

    I couldn't help it... Here's mine...
  3. Draper

    Adding 'Settings' items to Desktop

    I wish...I've been wanting a bluetooth toggle on the home screen since I first got the iPhone...the newest version of the OS still hasn't stopped me from way too many taps and swipes to switch my bluetooth motorcycle helmet to my bluetooth speaker (and vice versa) while arriving to and departing...
  4. Draper

    Who Had A Tablet Before, Or Thought Of Getting One.

    I had an LG Xnote C1 convertible tablet. Loved it. The the discrete video card (which was soldered onto the mainboard) just went, recently, so I made the choice to get a new computer rather than pay the exorbitant price LG quoted me for the mainboard/video card combo.
  5. Draper

    WIFI or 3G+WIFI

    +1 South Korea doesn't have 3G support for iPad, yet, but I bought the 3G because I travel quite a bit and the (more accurate) location-based apps rock. Only through wi-fi...won't work if you're not in reasonable proximity of an access point.
  6. Draper

    Hotel internet

    Try to get your hands on one of these....I carry it around everywhere, and just plug it into whatever computer (with wired or wireless connection) may be at hand. Welcome to Windy31 Site
  7. Draper

    Micro-sim in Brazil on Vivo

    I'm traveling in Brazil and was happy to find this alternative to expensive (but crappy) hotel wi-fi. MicroSIM Card | Vivoblog R$10 (USD5.69)* for the microsim... prepaid plans like 1 day access (capped at 150MB) R$12 (USD6.83)* 1 week access (capped at 250MB) R$35 (USD19.91)* 1...
  8. Draper

    Organize Apps??

    Looks like you'll be waiting 'til the fall when iPad gets iOS4...or Jailbreak.
  9. Draper

    Will iPad Fail in School?

    I know plenty about kids in that age bracket because I've been teaching them for the past 6 years. I taught 6 year olds how to take digital pictures and upload them to a blog that they'd maintained. I understand what they're capable of. Maybe you don't understand that all children don't have...
  10. Draper

    Will iPad Fail in School?

    I'd like to agree with you for many of the reasons you listed, but even though a laptop has its affordances, so does the iPad. In the fall we'll expect to see fast app-switching and Apple's multitasking implementation with the OS upgrade, and that will do as far as most students are concerned...
  11. Draper

    Will iPad Fail in School?

    I am in preliminary discussions on implementing the iPad at the language immersion school where I work. It would be a pilot program for one grade (the highest), at first, but would then trickle down the the program as far as would be feasible, based on continual feedback from all stakeholders...
  12. Draper

    Any good canadian ipad apps?

    This one is only $0.99!!! CANADA You can put it on your bag when you travel. That way, people will know you're one of the good guys!
  13. Draper


    Good to see one more NE connection on iPadForums!
  14. Draper

    ipad in Singapore

    I think you have to install the iBooks app before you can iTunes will create a books category and sync them. If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch with iOS4, you can install iBooks and start downloading them without issue. Of course, I'm in South Korea, so what do I know about Singaporean...
  15. Draper

    From South Korea

    Welcome! I'm happy to hear that more people in SoKo are getting iPad...hopefully more apps can be developed specifically for iPad in the Korean iTunes store, as more iPads trickle into the hands of Korean users.
  16. Draper

    Seoul Man...

    You have to make an account with a different email address (from whichever account you are currently using) and use a Korean credit card. If you don't have, or can't get a Korean credit card, I know that Hana Bank offers Visa gift cards that should work instead of a "real" credit card (as many...
  17. Draper

    Seoul Man...

    Because I used the iPhone since December, I already downloaded and used a lot of Korean Apps (I only used the Korean iTunes store, and I didn't get my US iTunes account until last month). Most of the apps should have no problem scaling up, but I'm looking forward to many of the developers to...
  18. Draper

    Picking up iPad Today

    I'll miss Rosenblatt, but will be happy to check out the new stadium, too!
  19. Draper

    Picking up iPad Today

    Welcome. I'm new to the site, too. Omaha is my hometown...and I'll be back there in the first week of August for a wedding. You might like the Bruins, but I say Go Big RED!
  20. Draper

    Seoul Man...

    Hello forum folks, I'm Draper, an American who lives, teaches and studies in Seoul, South Korea. Although the iPad has not been announced for Korea, I am proud to say that I'm the owner of 64GB 3G model. I am also a 3GS user. I have big plans for using the iPad for educational purposes...