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  1. Hilman

    Airport Screening

    Haven't had a problem when flying either way from Canada to the US, I just left it in my backpack and it was sent through the X-Ray machine like anything else. Cheers
  2. Hilman

    A good messenger app.

    I use IM+ Lite for Facebook and MSN messenger contacts and would recommend it especially as it is free. Cheers
  3. Hilman

    Greetings From Canada

    same, I look everyday for new ones especially the iPad versions of my fav iPod Touch apps. I was very happy to see the iPad version of Flixster hit the app store today :). I really like the ABC Player but it isn't downloadable outside of the US which is disappointing as 99.9% of the shows I...
  4. Hilman

    Greetings From Canada

    Hello all, glad to see so many iPad lovers in the same place, sharing ideas and experiences. So far I love my 64 GB WiFi iPad, I look forward to the many new apps that will be coming out in the next while specifically made for the iPad. Cheers from Edmonton :ipad-front:
  5. Hilman

    i spend most time using my…

    My iPod Touch is feeling pretty neglected lol.
  6. Hilman

    Official iPad Owners List

    64 GB WiFi model and I am lovin it so far :)