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  1. Imageman

    How to shut of CalDAV requests for login

    I haven’t used a Google calendar for years. Every couple days CalDAV pops up on my phone and iPad asking for login information. I can’t find any CalDAV settings on my iPad / iOS 11. How do I get rid of it? - Thanks for your help, Bob
  2. Imageman

    In IOS 11 iPad, how to rearrange complete screens?

    In IOS 11 iPad, how to rearrange screens? That function has been removed from iTunes! - Thanks, Bob
  3. Imageman

    Turn off caps lock key, forever!

    IPad Pro 2017 Yes, I’ve turned off the caps lock key in settings, has no effect at all. Suffered with this in IOS 10, and made the unwarranted assumption it would be fixed in 11. No such luck. I’m about ready to remove it with an Xacto knife - Help appreciated , IM
  4. Imageman

    How to copy music back and forth between devices on iTunes

    Windows 7 64bit / iPod Touch 30GB & iPad WiFi 64GB / iTunes I may have posted a similar question here, but can't find it. Sorry if I've double posted, I'm old and feeble :-) I have both my Touch and iPad plugged into USB's on my PC, and I see them both and their contents on iTunes...
  5. Imageman

    How to sync iPod playlists and music to my iPad?

    iPod Touch / iPad / Windows 7 PC / No Microsoft Exchange Is there a way to sync my iPod playlists, music to my iPad? Also would like to sync my iPad contacts to the iPod. Don't have Exchange
  6. Imageman

    iPad & LCD TV - How to show photo's

    I'm using my iPad with the "IPAD DOCK-ZML (MC360ZM/A)" plugged into the USB port on my Samsung LCD TV. The TV sees the iPad and says so on the screen. However, no photos appear when I run a slide show, or tap individual images? Any ideas? Don't know why I want to do this? I have a Playstation 3...
  7. Imageman

    Calendar app

    The iPad calendar app only allows reminders sequenced from minutes to a couple days. Certainly not enough time to be reminded to get a birthday card, gift or so on. So, I'm entering the event twice, one for the early reminder, then the actual event. This is'nt real efficient :confused: Can you...
  8. Imageman

    iPad won't Pair with my Motorola SP Headphones

    iPad is Bluetooth 2.1, Motorola S9's are 2.0. 2.1 is backwards compatible. My iPad goes on forever searching for a Bluetooth connection, won't pair with my S9 Motorola headphones. S9 works great with my Touch. Help appreciated - IM
  9. Imageman

    UPS Confirms Saturday Delivery

    A UPS Import/Export representative has confirmed that their agreement with Apple guarantees iPad delivery by end-of-day Saturday. She had my tracking information in front of her, and the fact that my address is way out in the sticks will "make no difference". Keep the faith :) - IM
  10. Imageman

    Ditto - Shipped with UPS tracking number

    iPad 64GB I was surprised that Apple is using UPS when there was so much talk about FedEx. My FedEx driver said his route had been put on notice for Saturday deliveries. I haven't seen a UPS weekend delivery around here except during the holidays :) - IM - iPad 'Shipped for delivery' by April...