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  1. VR41541


    Try Corrigo. My job uses this service. Has a start and stop time of job, uses google maps to find location, allows for notes and many more.
  2. VR41541

    Uploading a attachment need help

    That is good to know as it was send from a gmail account. Thanks.
  3. VR41541

    Uploading a attachment need help

    Thanks but I tried on a different WIFI connection and I got to 19mb on a 26mb file.
  4. VR41541

    Uploading a attachment need help

    Tying to upload a attachment in a email that is 26mb and it only loads to 10mb then stops. Any ideas?
  5. VR41541

    Youtube and Safari

    Another problem is I can't reply when someone comments on my videos. Reply shows up on the side and when I push it it doesn't show the window to reply.
  6. VR41541

    Youtube and Safari

    I noticed the videos I couldn't watch in safari I could in the youtube app that was provided on the IPad.
  7. VR41541

    Youtube and Safari

  8. VR41541

    Youtube and Safari

    Anyone else notice that you can only watch some videos and others say video not available or it only me? Any video liked by one of my subs that I haven't subbed will not let me view the video.
  9. VR41541

    Is there an app like MxTube

    iSafeplay is a app where you can do this.
  10. VR41541

    Canceling a movie upload on itunes

    Is it possible? Wanted to rent immortals to watch it tonight and when it started to up load i saw it's at 100 mb of 3.7 GB. That took 30 minutes to load so I'm at the point where I don't care that I will lose the $3.99. Did a search but found nothing and my google fu is weak.
  11. VR41541

    IOS 5.1 Update HOLLA!!!!!

    Mine was done on my Ipad 2 in 30 minutes using my jetpack hotspot.
  12. VR41541

    Garage Band

    That was very cool.
  13. VR41541

    Teather or hotspot with T-mobile?

    Goggle it I'm sure there is something.
  14. VR41541

    Teather or hotspot with T-mobile?

    Heres a couple of links to choose from.
  15. VR41541

    Please show me your iPad 2 cases.

    I got a Ballistic case. Its a awesome case. Only con I have about it is it needs a place to secure a stylus. The place I have it in the pic is okay but if it gets bumped it comes off easily.
  16. VR41541

    Need help, please read

    Did you look in iCloud?
  17. VR41541

    Exporting recordings from Notes Plus in a email

    Is there a way to export the recordings in a email instead of exporting them to itunes? Also is there a way to put recordings in its own notebook in Notes Plus? Thanks for any info.
  18. VR41541

    Adobe Photoshop Touch Coming to App Store This Monday for iPad 2

    Awesome!! Now they need to work on getting After effects and Premier up.
  19. VR41541

    Simultaneously listen to music and surfing safari

    I have skullcandy headset that allows me to listen to my music as im surfing the web with out opening my library.
  20. VR41541


    Have you tried emailing yourself? Reason I'm asking is when I lower down the volume in the sound settings it plays the default sound but when I get a email it plays the sound I picked.
  21. VR41541


    Have you tried turning off/on your device then seeing if it works? Also is your Lock Sound on?
  22. VR41541

    Make Movies on Your iPad With Avid Studio

    Hope to hear a review.
  23. VR41541


    Noticed that but you can share with Facebook if you look at YouTube through safari.
  24. VR41541

    Microsoft outlook email alert?

    How to get alert on Microsoft exchange/outlook? For some reason I can't set up email on I pad2 so I went through Safari, went to my email on outlook but can't get it to alert me. Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong?
  25. VR41541

    What iPad 2 Screen Protector Do You Have?

    Yes I did. When first installed it didnt look so good as it takes a day or two for the bubbles to go but I use a stylus a lot and it looks fine to me. I noticed that if my fingers get sweaty when playing Temple Run my finger will stick a little. Other then that it's been great.
  26. VR41541

    What iPad 2 Screen Protector Do You Have?

    I have a Invisible Shield by Zagg that has worked very well. Cant rate it as its the only one I've used and I can't compare.
  27. VR41541

    Samsung slams apple during the supper bowl - Effective?

    No. I was planning on getting a Samsung phone way before the commercial came out. Not everyone knows you can jailbreak apples products. Will this effect apple? I say no.
  28. VR41541

    How do you download youtube videos to ipad 2?

    Isafeplay app will allow you to download videos to your iPad.
  29. VR41541

    Make Movies on Your iPad With Avid Studio

    Does it do what Adobe Premire 8-9 does? If so this will make me a very happy person.
  30. VR41541

    Youtube video quality?

    Looks like you can't set it but you can if you watch YouTube in Safari.
  31. VR41541

    Best case for ipad 2?

    With 3 layers of protection it's a real durable case IMO.
  32. VR41541

    Best case for ipad 2?

    What you do with your IPad will determine if you'll need one but I would recommend it.
  33. VR41541

    Best case for ipad 2?

    Bought a tough jacket from Ballistic Case for $55 bucks using a code. If I dropped my IPad with this case I wouldn't freak out. It protects the device very well. The outer layer can be taken off and placed over the screen.
  34. VR41541

    Videos from iPad to YouTube? Computer?

    Just uploaded a app called ISafeplay which is free. You can use this to upload your video to YouTube.
  35. VR41541

    Teather or hotspot with T-mobile?

    Okay I found out how to tether My HTC H2 Windows phone to my Ipad2. I went to marketplace on my HTC and down loaded WMWifiroter app ($22 bucks) and it awesome. Just thought I'd put this out just in case someone needed to know.
  36. VR41541

    Teather or hotspot with T-mobile?

    Got free tethering, now I need to know how to tether to my HTC H2. Any help would be awesome.
  37. VR41541

    Teather or hotspot with T-mobile?

    Talked to T-mobile and they have some promotion where tethering is free. Awesome!!
  38. VR41541

    Is there a app for that?

    Thanks. Will be taking a look into your suggestions. Would like to read about your ideas and thanks again.
  39. VR41541

    Is there a app for that?

    Let me start by saying I'm a maintenance tech aka handyman and work on a selected 1400 homes. I have uploaded the maps of these homes. Is there a app out there that will allow me to open the map, tap on a home and it give a list of what work I've done so I can keep track of what's been done? So...
  40. VR41541

    Facebook app crashes

    I'm having the same crashes when I view images as well. Also I get updates faster when I'm not on the app but still have it open. Weird.