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    How do you add words to the spell checker?

    I tried fixing it in email, but then I used it to login and it didn't work there. I was able to fix it there as well. It seemed that pressing and holding wasn't enough. It seems a bit confusing. I pressed and held until the correction disappeared and then backspaced half way and respelled it...
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    How do you add words to the spell checker?

    This thread was from a while back but I didn't see any other more current info. I tried the add to contact thing but it didn't work. Then I tried press and holding on the auto correct replacement word. It seemed to work my login was always split into two words. Now it works right. ken
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    First "I" anything.

    My wife bought me a base model 3rd gen IPad. It is the first apple product since my IIfx back in the old days. Lots to learn.
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    Weak signal in metal building

    Check out this link. I believe it hooks to the internet and brings in cell reception. In the past, femtocells have been too expensive for widespread rollout, but femtocell maker Ubiquisys recently developed a $100 unit. AT&T also recently announced that it would offer a $150 femtocell...
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    Youtube app can't login

    I also want to add that I was having the same problem with my blu ray player YouTube login and my video capture YouTube uploaded software login. All three were fixed by changing the channel URL.
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    Youtube app can't login

    I am happy to say I have found a solution to my problem. I fixed it by going to the my channel page. Then I clicked on settings. Then I clicked info and settings. Then I clicked edit channel URL. I entered a new custom URL. I chose a name as close to the user name as I could get. This caused the...
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    Youtube app can't login

    I can not log into YouTube with the app for my new account. I can log into an older account. I keep getting a message that it is not available. I tried two step verification and app specific codes but no luck. Any ideas? Thanks ken