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  1. GnomeGrrl

    Small but annoying problem...

    Swipe up, or double click the front button to bring up the 'task manager'. The very first icon on the far left is your portrait orientation.
  2. GnomeGrrl

    Dream zoo neighbours!.

    DDBVYBH for me.
  3. GnomeGrrl

    How can i read a kindle book on iPad?

    There is a kindle app for iPad. When you purchase from Amazon, all your books/magazines etc are available in the cloud.
  4. GnomeGrrl

    DragonVale newbies less than Lv20 please post and add friends here.

    GC ID is the same as my name here. I'm a little bit of a social outcast. LOL.
  5. GnomeGrrl


    Lovely and sunny here in Vegas, though a little cooler than the last few days. A small reprieve as we're due to get into regular triple digits very soon. Was pretty windy yesterday and smoke from a huge wildfire 400 miles away wreaked a little bit of havoc. Couldn't even see the hills!
  6. GnomeGrrl

    Downloading books while overseas question

    I have a New Zealand account and a US account. I get charged in NZ dollars if I purchase from the NZ account here in the US. It would be the same with the US account if I went back home on vacation.
  7. GnomeGrrl

    How pervasive are the iPad 3 WiFi problems?

    Cazzabee, that's similar to the issues I was having. I did all the trouble shooting steps (reset network settings etc etc etc) and it'd work ok for a random amount of time, then dwindle down again. I took mine into Apple and they replaced it on the spot (even though it was playing nice cos I'd...
  8. GnomeGrrl

    connection problems

    Check the IP address. Our router occasionally assigns them outside the allowed range. We don't know why, but it means we appear connected, but can't go anywhere. We assign the IP address manually based on the MAC address of the device. Fixes it every time.
  9. GnomeGrrl

    My Music, is it gone?

    There's the original iPad, then the iPad 2, and now the "new" iPad. For some reason, they decided not to use the numbering system this time around. Though, if you have the retina display model, it's the new iPad you have, not the iPad 2. After reading how you were stuck, I did some research and...
  10. GnomeGrrl

    Ipad 3 and Siri

    I love that she growls when you curse at her. LOL. I use her all the time, especially when I'm on the go. We have our moments though, due to my accent and the way I pronounce my vowels, which usually involves a glaring match with my husband when he tries to teach me how to say whatever word...
  11. GnomeGrrl

    Strange signs

    My mother-in-law didn't even notice when she bought these for a graduation party.
  12. GnomeGrrl


    It wasn't a bad one. LOL. Veges aren't supposed to be served with cinnamon and sweetness ... unless they're sweet potatoes! Nope. I'll stick with my favourite way to eat pumpkin - roasted.
  13. GnomeGrrl

    7-Inch iPad Said to Be Coming in August, Followed by 10-Inch One in September

    Wouldn't buy it myself, but if I didn't already have one, I might be tempted. Previous rumors were that it would have lower storage points, not higher.
  14. GnomeGrrl


    Steak and cheese! Darn it. I'm hungry and meat pies are not an option here. I get them once a year when the rugby sevens comes to Vegas and they're not the same. To whoever said pumpkin pie, ewww! Wouldn't go down well. I've embraced American food but can't stand that. And I wish there was...
  15. GnomeGrrl

    iBooks vs. Kindle app

    I use both the Nook and Kindle apps as well as the Play Books app by Google (lots of free classics). Each have their advantages. Both B&N and Amazon offer free books, easily found through a few sites, though as a rule, Amazon are generally cheaper. Hunger Games is a great series. You'll love it.
  16. GnomeGrrl

    How pervasive are the iPad 3 WiFi problems?

    I did have an issue with slow/sporadic connectivity. Went to an Apple store, walked out with a replacement and have had absolutely no problems since.
  17. GnomeGrrl

    what will you buy for Mother Day?

    I sent mine an iPad cover for her birthday/mothers day. They're expensive in New Zealand and pretty dull, so she was thrilled to get one in pretty purple. We'll also call her later. As for me, I got to see my son for the first time in about four months and we're having his 21st tonight. So long...
  18. GnomeGrrl

    Feeling a bit strange when in public

    It doesn't. And I wouldn't have understood until I moved to the US either. But the reality is that whoever's trying to steal your iPad or your iPhone is probably also armed and there's no guarantee that handing over your goods is going to stop them from harming you. People get killed for a lot less.
  19. GnomeGrrl

    My ipad 3 settings is nagging me to update to 5.1.1 how do I shut off this nag?

    Then it's just a soft whimper. I did try making it eat iFibre, but apparently it tastes like sawdust.
  20. GnomeGrrl

    My ipad 3 settings is nagging me to update to 5.1.1 how do I shut off this nag?

    There's nothing worse than a constipated iPad. Mine groans and clutches its screen. Very annoying!
  21. GnomeGrrl

    Best (cheapest) place to buy iPAD 3

    $543.29 for the 16G in NYC. $537.67 in LA. Buying in store, of course. All retailers sell at the same price as Apple. Only way to "maybe" go cheaper and avoid sales tax is eBay or Craigslist for a secondhand model.
  22. GnomeGrrl

    Web site

    That does make it more difficult. Best you can hope for is a good text/code editor and an FTP program. There are a few of both around.
  23. GnomeGrrl

    Strange signs

    My favourite part of this is the fact it's called "Husseys". That's better than In'n'Out and Kum & Go.
  24. GnomeGrrl

    Web site

    Not really. There are a couple of builder apps, but that's about it. If you use Wordpress, there is an app (called Wordpress) that can help out with posts, moderation and page creation.
  25. GnomeGrrl

    Ipad 3 WIFI problem !!!

    Reset network settings, reboot iPad, restore ... all suggested options. None worked for me. Took it in to Apple yesterday and they replaced it. No problems with the new baby so far.
  26. GnomeGrrl

    caseen iPadForums Welcome + Introduces iPad 3rd Gen Case Lineup + Free Case GIVEAWAY

    Welcome, Caseen! It's a tough pick, but I love the black plaid case. Completely different to anything I've seen before!
  27. GnomeGrrl

    Strange signs

  28. GnomeGrrl

    Strange signs

    I'm sold!
  29. GnomeGrrl

    Strange signs

    I drive past that every time I head to Cali. Still not sure how to pronounce it though ...
  30. GnomeGrrl

    Strange signs

  31. GnomeGrrl

    I would like to know how to delete some contact in my ipad? Please

    Edit, then scroll down to delete.
  32. GnomeGrrl

    Screen protector or no?

    I think you'd be surprised - at least about the cat. My dog loves YouTube videos and will occasionally paw at it trying to interact with the dog/cat/bird on the screen. No damage done yet, and his clodhoppers are the size of my palm! These things are tougher than they look.
  33. GnomeGrrl

    The New iPad

    I think you just answered your own question ;-)
  34. GnomeGrrl

    Screen protector or no?

    It's a no from me. I dislike the way they feel and think it'd likely detract from the retina display. I have had no issues with scratches and sold my old iPad as new. So long as you take the proper care and use a good cover, you'll be fine, IMO.
  35. GnomeGrrl

    Computer games for women

    Call of Atlantis, Gardenscapes. SimCity, Robinson, even Sims Freeplay. Search by genre. I'm sure you'll find something you like.
  36. GnomeGrrl

    Strange signs

  37. GnomeGrrl

    Strange signs

    My dog totally got that.
  38. GnomeGrrl

    Strange signs

    Aren't they always true stories?
  39. GnomeGrrl

    Strange signs

    Slower than your average koala!
  40. GnomeGrrl


    Temps in the 90's here in Vegas. Although not forecasted (1° lower), we are kind of expecting to hit triple digits. What are these gardens you all speak of? LOL.